I shot my dad's T3 today... WOW!

Discussion in 'Sako' started by austinjoe13, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. austinjoe13

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    My dad has a Tikka T3 Lite SS in 25-06rem with a cabela's 6-18x40mm scope. I took it out to sight in today and was blown away. It was dead on, as was my 308 whoopty-doo, but I only shot it twice because the bullet holes were one in the same.

    To anyone considering purchasing a T3, do it. I'm not so sure Dad will get his back :D
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  2. jwrauch

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    He might not see it that way !! JR
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  3. Silver 83

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    I have a .25-06 Winchester 70 that I bought new for $251.99 back in 1982 that I have taken more deer with than I can remember. The longest shot was about 282 yards. It has never failed me.
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  4. austinjoe13

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    He's had this rifle for 8 or 9 years, I've had my 243 just as long, both are proven killers :D
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  5. Palladin8

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    Tikka makes a quality rifle.

    I bought my 25-06 back in 94. It has taken two elk and a few deer and an antelope. It has also taken more coyote and prairie dogs than any other gun I own. It's a great caliber.
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    ownership is 70 percent of the possession............oh you know the .....thing. !
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  7. ChaZam

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    Before Sports Authority stores went bankrupt a few years ago the one here in Denton had several Tikka rifles discounted and clearance priced. I still want to slap myself for not buying one at that time.
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