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I so flippin' happy....jealous....but happy

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Dale, Aug 12, 2002.

  1. About a month ago I posted a message saying my wife picked out a Mini FireStorm 9MM and asked if anyone had heard of this new line of Llama-Bersa link. Few did....most with unfavorable comments.

    We test fired it several times and it shot all over the paper.

    I e-mailed the import company who never responded.

    Today we took a ride to Prescott Valley and to the store we bought it at (I have purchased several guns and tons of ammo from them).

    Much to my surprise they gave her a full refund on the FireStorm and we come up with some chump change and walked out with a new Sig P239 for her.

    I have always had a high regard for Sig weapons. Now, I am jealous of her.....dang! But, good for her!

    Even though I have done a lot of business with them I fully expected to get used gun value trade in...but, as I said, they surprised me with a full credit. I think the staff at the store (Prescott Valley Guns, Prescott Valley, AZ) are a credit to the gun industry and know how to treat their customers.

    In my book they are 'standup' people and the type that, at least around here, are slowly disappearing in the gun industry. (unlike the types I avoid at J&G Guns Ltd.)

    I encourage any of the Arizona shooters to take a ride to cooler climes and see the people at Prescott Valley Guns.
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  2. jerry

    jerry Since 2002 Forum Contributor

    always good to hear a good story instead of the one gone bad. Hey, don't be jealous. offer to maintain that Sig. that means you will have to test fire it everyso often to make sure it stays the best for your little lady. wouldn't want anyone getting hurt or anything:)

  3. Eric

    Eric G&G Newbie

    It's great to hear stories about places that sell guns. I wish we had a place like that around here. Look at it like this Dale, you can probably work this into some sort of justification for your 'new' gun. Just a thought.
  4. Well, I had to remind myself that I have my CZ75 in 9MM. Although I am lacking a Sig 357, he he he he.

    I managed to walk out with a few guns...just add ons for the ones i got.

    But, I am happy for her. She is so anzious to fire it now. I have confidence it'll be a good shooter.....unlike that piece of garbage FireStorm, lol.

    She's good at maintaining guns she shoots but I certainly will help her make sure it fires right...I figure a few 100 rds every week or so, lol.
  5. Klaus

    Klaus G&G Newbie

    I thought the Firestorm was an Astra. Did Llama buy Astra?
    BTW, I recently picked up one of those Mauser M2s in .40. Seems to be a good complement to my P226. It is more compact, with similar sights and grip. It fits my shoulder rig very well.
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  6. Cyclops

    Cyclops G&G Newbie

    One of my favorite stores in So Cal moved to Prescott, AZ years ago. They opened shop there & from what I heard were doing quite well. Great owners & more stories than they had coffee, soda or dough nuts!
  7. Klaus,

    There's a Fire Star (not sure who makes it) but this 'new' FireStorm is a Llama and Bersa merge.

    The FireStorm had some nice features...just too bad it couldn't shoot worth a darn.

    We looked at one of the Sig Mauser M2s also.....nice...nice gun.

    Did ya get a chance to run lead through it yet...curious how it was/is.

    Let us know guy...fer sure.