I think I'm going to leave at least for awhile

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by JerryM, Mar 26, 2002.

  1. JerryM

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    I don't realy like the new forum and when I do come here it seems that many or most of the postings are about something being censored. This place tends to be less about guns and hunting and more about problems with the new administration every day. I, in the beginning of the change, had an open mind about the new admin. Specifically when posts were being deleted, I defended them. When I read posts from one administrator about another saying that they talked about the issue and it won't happen again, I am inclined to believe that one of those administrators is going a little to far in trying to regulate what is being discussed. I accept that this site is owned by the admin and we are guests, but the admin should think about how bad this site would be if they are only on here discussing things with themselves.

    I will leave my email address in my profile if anyone wants to get ahold of me or can suggest another forum.

  2. Jesse

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    Jerry I'm sorry you feel that way. I'm not trying to "censor" anyone. I run a clean site, it has rules and guidelines. They are there for a reason I don't think you need to have today's events get you down. This all stemmed from a post Chris made that he apologized for. It was blown way out of proportion and it was partly my fault. I was at work and couldn't get to the board until around lunchtime. The situation was resolved earlier today... the subsequent posts were flames... something I won't tolerate. It's time to move past that... either way you are welcome here anytime.


  3. taras

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    It's sad to see anyone leave, we all havw so much to contribute . :(
    Personally censorship is censorship, but in this case it was people being " guests in a guests home") We may want to say whatever we want but the rules are clearly stated, The moderators can't be everywhere at once and maybe have day-jobs. I look at this site as a priviledge to be allowed to interact with of similiar interst,
    :confused: No offense but I'm bombarded by unwanted porn offers, and pop-ups every day. If I don't want to see it; I just close the window, and move on.
    I was a little taken aback by the warning in the warning an humour forum, to feep jokes clean, or lose the forum. We are on the net and everyting is out there, I do mean EVERYTHING, but for the most part all abide.
    Again sir, with all due respect, no sarcasism etc. I believe the moderators do an excellant job, and we can't let a few bad apples, or a few bad words, or topics spoil what is turning out to be one of the best web sites around.
    :confused: I'm new to the computer thing and this format , but learning each day. Be happy to E-MAIL you a response, if I get it right !! If you don't get one try me at [email protected],com :( Sad to lose some-one 'cuz as another post of mine stated, we canall learn from each.
    hope to hear from ya soon .
  4. lefty o

    lefty o G&G Evangelist

    we'll be sorry to see you go. i dont know what chris's deal is, but we all step on somneones toes once in a while, stick around a while im sure things will smooth out after a bit.
  5. dodge

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    Im comeing here less ans less also, the mosin-nagant fourm have very few people asking question(compared to the old fourm) ans I've always enjoy'd helping to answer questions about mosin's(something im very good at) but hardly anyone is posting questions on there(Im sure it has to do with haveing to register, it's turning people away).
  6. Hank Springer

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    Sorry to see you go, Jerry, but only you know what's best for you. I wish you well.
  7. Stewart

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    Dodge, I too have noticed a pretty significant decrease in the amount of information in both of the Mauser forums. but do you really think that the registration is that big of a turn off? Is it possible that a lot of the users of the new forum have just not made or found the site? My old bookmarks to the old forum did not work at all after the switch, I actually thought the site was done but decided to type out the address and got here. I am only asking your thoughts. I know that a lot of people seemed upset when the site was up for sale but now here it is. The format is different and requires change but then again so do most things in life. It would seem a shame to loose a wealth of information because people don't want to log in. What do you think?
  8. Augustis

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    I agree with you in part, I have been a regular here at Gun And Game for a year or better. My link also quit working and finally I typed in the address to find this site again, I post at several other sites regularly so I am wondering if some of the others just moved on.

    I was a little disappointed in that the old threads just vanished as I was involved in some very good conversations with others at the time of the change and have lost contact with them.

    This format is much like all the other sites though, but the old format was kind of simple in the sense that you could just scroll down through all the posts in the feild you were interested in and chime in if you had something to offer to the individual or read about a topic of interest.

    This will take a little getting used to but I hope that some of the others come back.

    Everything changes over time so I will wait to see if this is a good thing or otherwise? For me time will tell?

    I used to be a regular at the Remington Board.

  9. Gyrene

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    I had a time finding the "NEW" 'Gun & Game', too, but I succeeded.

    Finding it is one thing, but a lot of people do not like to sign up to anything. Most gun people I know are Sensitive to an Extreme about tying their name to anything that could be useful for the Government to track them, and they are the most Law Abiding People I know. Most gun people are the most law abiding in any group.
  10. jerry

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    :confused: I slept on this one & my better judgement told me to not get involved, but i guess i should get it off my chest.

    a. We have been a bit slow on the guns and hunting. But, there are plenty of goof off places. There seems to be a place for evryone to get things worked out.

    b. I almost feel one of my post was in the beginning stages of scrutiny before I cleared it up my self. After reading it over, I realized how it could have gotten out of hand. There is a lot to be said about self policing also. I found one that was in bad taste and mentioned it on a reply, nothing nasty. It was just uncalled for. Jes did right and locked it up.

    c. Censorship, we can go on forever. We most read mags, right. I like the Q&A sections, I bet they see more "editing" than about anything. Everytime we type a letter, one word here, we ask for some peoples time for free. At least through self police and admin it's open on what's going on. The private message is a good tool. If something were reaaly eating at someone, mabe it would be best to share with someone trusted & not leaving it open to critisism.

    d. Format. It has been explained over and over why this was done. See c. "Free" If there are problems admin and we among ourselves have been good about helping with technical issues.

    e. Lastly, security. On the old site I seen someones integrity possibly breeched. It looked like someone took on his name to make a smart comment compete with profanity. It caught my eye because the aleged smart guy did not use all lower case letters like the original. This would have got me spun up. Less chance of it happening here I believe.

    Also remember, were probably not the only ones looking at this type of site. When we write here we are all ambassadours of the sport we love. It's not much different than stepping out of the house with a gun. It would beehoove us to represent our selves as professionals and not give any fodder to the poeple who would like to see us fail. We would miss any member that chooses to part ways. This cant be avoided. Look at how many marriges fail in this country.
  11. Gyrene

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    I dunno, I was writing a post to a thread that simply disappeared, and my posting went to another Thread outside the Gun Room. I had to offer the following, because I felt my post was out of order for their thread.

    randydan - I apologize for my ranting and raving as in the previous post. I was posting to a thread that was in the Gun Room, which suddenly disappeared and my "book" was posted to your thread. If I could remove it I would, but that is up to Chris and Jesse.

    The thread may have been out of line or considered inordinate in some way, but it is difficult now days, to keep anything of interest going without some sort of editing or censorship. One time, on this site, I was simply writing about "brass" and the editor clipped out the last three letters with censorship, of course I found that I could almost always quote something and the editor doesn't see it the same as selected words.

    I know I am in Jesse's web site and he controls what we say and do as it reflects upon him, and I respect that. I have never had a problem before the site changed, and I don't understand why now! I did get reprimanded once by AOL, because I was writing about a "Crap Game" I had played in one time, and they said I had better watch my language, that such foul language was not permitted on a family oriented ISP. I suspect that without the quotes it would be censored here too!

    I'll cruise in and out on occasion, but it simply isn't the same, Jesse. We can't discuss openly as before.
  12. MikeC

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    Gyrene, regarding AOL, I remember an blurb in Newsweek back maybe in 1995 or so about how AOL "banned" certain words, like "sex". The problem was that AOL's software also would have banned the word essex or sex abuse. You see where I'm going.
    To everyone else, YES someone owns this site BUT without the people, sometimes colorful, sometimes crude, sometimes just venting this is a vacant place. I found the original site while searching something about AR-15's just after Sept.11 and I felt very comfortable there. This version is ..... lacking. Just my $.02
  13. Gyrene

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    MikeC - I agree, I have not left, and doubt that I would leave because of anything I have seen or experienced. I know Jesse has a handfull in taking over the site, and overall has really done well. I am not fully in agreement with what takes place, but that is my right. I have always tried to keep my input in line with good taste, without flaming anyone.

    I always considered foul gutter language as a sign of "Lack of Education", and it has no place in public, especially in places of public trust. The problem when you entrust "Editing" to a Robot (the computer software is Robotic in nature), it cannot use what is known as "Fuzzy Logic", and adjust, as people can do. The Robot only reads and reacts when it "Sees" specific character alignment. It does that very well, and most of the time it is correct.
  14. taras

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    I wondered why somethings were censored and others weren't then found out abt. the filter. Self policing is the best way usually, but there are always people that don't police themselves. I think the site is great the way it is, after I got used to it.
    I really don't know of any other sites that offer any-thing like this. The log in doesn't seem to be a problem for any one I told abt. the site. That's my 3 cents worth, remember I'm Canadian, and theres that exchange rate.
  15. Rave

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    I,for one,don't think I will ever "leave" this site.I do,however read and post on other sites and find this to be the most well rounded so far. It has many specialty forums,which are nice,a good general forum which I consider very important,as I like to RAVE.
    I know there are a few taboo subjects,but this is to be expected in this day and age
    Over al I think this is a pretty good site!
    :nod: :nod: :nod: :D :cool: