I think my son is a Democrat!

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    Ok, it started a few days ago when he decided to make a huge mess all by himself then spent an hour running around crying and screaming at everyone else to clean up his toys. Now, he is trying to bargain with me to determine which toys were "outside toys" and "inside toys" as well as the "downstairs toys" and the "upstairs toys" (downstairs toys are all the big tonka trucks that are too big for the living room). The wife wants another kid soon and I'm afraid they are going to unionize!
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    hahaha at least in your house the power of Veto is yours...

  3. grizcty

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    Easy Conservative fix.

    Have Son pick out he 3 favorite toys.

    1 upstairs toy
    1 down stairs toy
    1 outside toy

    Take boy with you.
    And take a drive to the lowest income part of town.
    And donate excess toys to charity, and the needy.
    Watch the pride in your Sons face.
    When he see's the joy/happiness, from the kid getting it.

    Talk to wife, about finances.
    And see IF you can afford, to have/raise another child.
    If so , make a ruling stating "NO Unions allowed".
    Raise children with values, morals & love.
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  4. Ninja Piper

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    I love it!!!
  5. Rodax

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    This is the very kind of logic and rationality that befuddles liberals!
  6. Ten Man

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    Heck, just picking which color socks to wear befuddles Liberals.
  7. Cyrano

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    New York
    Well, maybe a few more than just one from each category, but I like that idea quite a lot. Junior's toys as he outgrows them are donated to the early childhood center that dealt with him as a preschooler after he was diagnosed as autistic, with his approval. It's the only way we can keep things under control, as he is always finding more toys at tag sales and estate sales.

    (Her Imperial Majesty gets bent out of shape when he buys a toy gun, by the way, especially the Nerf guns that really shoot projectiles. He has shot her center of mass, in the head, and in the *** at different times from 15 to 20 feet away numerous times, even at the cost of having the Nerf gun confiscated for awhile -- which isn't bad accuracy for a 7 year old with a Nerf gun!)
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    socks? socks with Birkenstocks?
  9. rockman7

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    gee...shot center *** congrats that is excellent shooting for a 7yo
  10. jimbar

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    Have ya ever been to Seattle ?
  11. My cat is a socialist. Cries for food, water, cat door open, can't catch Mr. Squirrel, can't catch birds, just comes back in and sacks out, wakes up an repeats the whole process. Worthless and non-productive.

  12. Same goes with you Griz! Pick out your 3 favorite guns, drive to the Post Office, and mail the rest to me!