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go by that mantra here and your gonna find a new meaning to it.

sometimes those little guys are real good at hiding their little antlers.
a couple of years back i sat and watched this little field next to a pretty busy road for 3-4 days straight.
the does and fawns were hitting it pretty hard every afternoon, and i got to pretty much know who was coming, when, and from where.
along on day 3 or 4 i was watching them through the bino's when one of them flashed a little glint of light from it's ears area.
it took me another 30-40 minutes to find the one with the antlers by carefully picking the group apart and watching each deer for 5-6 minutes with my much higher powered spotting scope.

now i know i had driven by, or sat and watched him every evening, and there was probably a good hundred hunters that passed by him every day also.
none of us suspected there was a buck in that group of deer.

on the day i shot him i simply walked in and sat down wind from the trail they took to the field, and shot him as they walked by and turned slightly away from me.
easy peasy to see his antlers when he was relaxed and not trying to keep them hidden.
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