i thought my lego fanatic friend karl would have done this first

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by stalebiscuit, May 22, 2008.

  1. i was wrong, very wrong

    (what kind of an *** would do this!)

    [ame=http://youtube.com/watch?v=VFGVzt7c5bY]YouTube - Giant LEGO Boulder[/ame]
  2. jmp8927

    jmp8927 G&G Evangelist

    That's hilarious!!!

  3. Midas

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    Holy smokes!, that's a lot of Legos
  4. rondog

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    You should go to the Lego store at Disneyworld in Florida. They have some amazing things made from Legos, BIG stuff too! Nerd heaven.
  5. squirrelblaster

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    wow, think of the time and money spent to create that lego boulder! holy smokes legos are not cheap eather!
  6. lol what do you think the look on the insurance agents face is like when the cars owner files a claim for damage and says he was rear ended by a ball of legos.
  7. LOL looks like some stupid thing i would do! LOL
  8. jmp8927

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    I've been to that lego store in Disneyworld....GREAT place!!!
  9. AKHunter

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    The answer to your question is: a DUMBass !
  10. cubbieman

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    how can you come up with something that stupid?
  11. SKS NOOB

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    Boredom with ones life can make you do STRANGE things. :196:
  12. Windwalker

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    Beware of the endless black hole called depression!
  13. CrazyIvan

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    pretty messed up...they have no consideration for the property of others...
  14. rondog

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    Oh man, I just now watched the video, didn't realize it was an "action" thing. What a bunch of retards.
  15. CrazyIvan

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    I'm more impressed with things like this:




  16. AKHunter

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    Now those later images are impressive !
  17. Crazyivan those first 2 picutres made me proud to be american and the 4th made me glad their bigger star wars geek then me lol lol
  18. CrazyIvan

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  19. Someone gave me a can of Legos for Christmas years ago, and I made a little Davy Crocket-style fort beside my fireplace with them one afternoon. Everyone who came over wanted to add to it a little. By the time I stopped buying Legos, I had an intricate, insane-looking structure about six feet tall and three feet across taking up one corner of my living room. Luckily I was single at the time...
  20. my friend built a ship half that size, modeled after the halo one drop ship, with working and moving parts

    in 8 hours

    honestly i think hes better

    the blue dude one is cool though