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I trust 99 percent of the people....the one percent are the most dangerous though

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Dale, Mar 23, 2002.

  1. The Arizona Legislature, yesterday, voted to amend that anyone caught carrying a concealed weapon would be subject to a petit crime (punishable by a minor amount) rather than a misdemeanor.

    Personally, I see that as a step toward telling the criminals (one percenters) who carry concealed anyway that the average citizen is now more equal to you, so take your chances. ^5 to that one.

    I'm glad that they didn't ask our legislature 'brothers and sisters' in Kalifornia what they thought of the idea first.
  2. wes

    wes G&G Newbie

    It's about time that Az. is starting to get it's head out of it's "backside", I am kind of surprised that they are as restrictive as they are though.

  3. CCW crimes

    Pennsylvania recently did the same thing. It used to be one statute for CCW w/o a permit, but now it is the lowest level misdemeanor if the person caught carrying would otherwise have been eligible to obtain a carry permit. Additionally, it made exceptions for pistols in the vehicle of anyone that has a CCW permit and police officers. Essentially, it does away with getting locked up after getting stopped and finding your old man's pistol in the glove box as you reach for registration. People who would not be eligible for licensing (ie. mentally unstables and felons to name a few) are not granted this vehicle exemption status. Finally, someone in legislature used some common sense. Is that an oxymoron? legislature-common sense
  4. Dennis

    Dennis G&G Evangelist

    Yea Dale you gotta watch out for those pesky 1%ers
  5. Wes, and all,

    Arizona has some (gawd I had to use the word) permissive laws concerning guns. For example you can carry, loaded, anywhere in Arizona except for Banks, Federal buildings, some state buildings, etc. But for the most part it's wide open so it's not surprising to stand in a Circle K and see Mr. Average Joe standing next to you with a gun on.

    One requirement though is enough of the weapon MUST be showing so that the average person can identify it as a weapon and it must be in a holster; not in a pocket, not in the waistband, etc. Otherwise it's considered concealed.

    If the gun is being transported it MUST be in sight and undloaded (empty chamber). Otherwise, once again, it's concealed.

    Businesses can, however, place their own restrictions on whether they allow firearms and other weapons in/on their premisses. And, invariably some idiot wants to argue with them. What some idiots don't realize is that just because something may be legal it's not necessarily a right.

    One of the problems gun owners are facing now in Arizona is that the media base and ownerships are becoming more and more liberal and Democratic. They don't hesitate to televise or print a story regarding misuse of guns. And, that reflects badly on all of us legal and responsible gun owners. If you have a major incident involving death by any other means they will gladly over ride the story with one involving misuse of guns.
  6. Jim Messer

    Jim Messer G&G Newbie

    I wish the entire country would be allowed to carry whatever is legal to own. Then make the laws so harsh and swift against anyone using a firearm to willfully harm anyone that all the nuts out there would think twice before using a gun. Gosh, I almost forgot we already have laws concerning all this. Now if we could just get off our butts and enforce them I guess the criminals would then be scared to death to have an episode with the law. Well, maybe the other states could follow the lead of Texas. We are building prisons all over the place. The criminals are so scared by the sight of all these prisons they have restricted their robberies to daylight only, unless it is a weekend . After you take the Concealed Carry class here in Texas you feel that it may not be a good idea to carry a gun. YOU may be the one to go to jail if you ever had to protect yourself. I will just stick to my chain saw. I carried one loaded with gas the other day all through Home Depot and it did not seem to bother anyone.
  7. Dennis

    Dennis G&G Evangelist

    I just love Power tools