I want a m48a

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by JohnD, May 6, 2002.

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    Anybody have one that did not like them? I can get a "new" one with mismached numbers for $250 canadian. Are they worth it? What kind of accuracy do you get from these yugo mausers? What kind of risk am I taking mail ordering these things without actualy looking at them? Any bad experiences with mail orders?
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    wow, when you ask a question you really go all out. I'll see if my limited knowlege of the 48a will help you.
    I have two, love them they both came in the cosmoline (that stuff I hate, still can't get it out of one of the stocks I've tried about everything for about a year now) anyway they both shoot very well. one has open sights and shoots better than I do. The other has a 4-12 x 42mm scope on it and works like a charm on chucks, deer and coyotes. got both mine from CDNN for $89.99 US. Not sure if they ship to CaNaDa or not heres their web site:
    I think I made a good buy with mine. I would have to figure out the exchange rate to see if you are but I'm sure you have more surcharges I don't know about, never shipped a firearm to CaNaDa before. I have seen a post here that had a 48a bolt lug that had broken but both mine show no sign of failure.
    I have a 48a action that I want to rebarrle in 300 win. mag. I'm not real crazy about the stocks but the actions seem solid.
    I also have a chec. m24/47 it shoots just as well but the bolt is realy sloppy. It locks up good but almost falls out when the empty is ejected.
    My m24 I rechambered to 8mm-06 even more kick (like it needed any more) brass is readly availble and can be fire formed. I use a 125grn. hornady with 56grns. of 4895 it smokes them out at 3650 fps not bad for a 323dia bullet. boy what a nuber it does on a chuck. Make the crows real happy and keeps mr & mrs coyote happy and fat till next season.
    I don't know if any of this helps you make up your mind or not. Hope so.

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    Ordering from the usa involves allot of red tape. Anyway is $300 a fair price for a m 48 as new unfired with bayo and everything else it would have been issued with. But for $200 I can get a yugo 24/47 with the same stuff with it. Both rifles are shipped with a gun case too.
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    That is a rather high price, compared to what we pay here. I've seen many unissued with all the toys going for around $150. I paid $130 for mine, unissued but no extra goodies.
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    I have a M-48A that I bought for about $90, on clearance. It was new, all matching numbers. I got my M-48 for $125.
  6. I would start with a Turk first. I have the M-48 and a Turk. The M-48 action is not as smooth as the Turk. The Turk will probably take longer to clean up though. I took my time on my and I can say that it cleaned up pretty nice, and its a good shooter (2.5 inch groups @ 100yrds w/ surplus ammo). They are very inexpensive and you can choose a hand picked one from most stores. I paid with shipping $60.00 American. The M-48 is still a good Mauser, its is a sound weapon. I have had a lot of fun with mine, but as I said the action is not as smooth as the Turk. You will also find that the Turk will be more accurate because of the longer barrel.