I want technical talk cetme rifles

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    so Im ready to buy a cetme rifle from sog for 300 bucks, jeez these rifles have a very poor record, poor recievers, sog says they have a better rifle, with better recievers, does any one have experiance with these rifles, I know its hard on brass, from some good people here, I know its an hk nock off, what does cetme mean?, and can I trust it
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    Did SOG say what this "better rifle" is? Another CETME? Or A G3? Your end use would determine which one is the better buy. An aluminum receivered G3 is better if you want to use a scope. My experience with Cetme mags in the G3 isn't very good, maybe it's just mine. Technologically they're basically identical.
    The CETME's record is not poor, it's mixed. Some work great. So find out about a warranty.
    Oh, and the G3 is just as hard on brass. They have fluted chambers. Some claim you can still reload, but I'm not as optimistic.

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    The CETME was a rifle based on a German WW2 design, made in Spain by the engineers who later formed H&K in Germany.