I was a searchin through some vids ......

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    I was looking for some John Wayne vids for quotes and such. Then I found this:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wo3FbQjKEBs&feature=related]YouTube - John Wayne "Taps" an American Tribute[/ame]

    :usa2: To all who have fallen, who fall now, and who are yet to fall.
  2. AMC will be showing John Wayne movies again Saturday. While watching a commersial this afternoon I heard a quote I've never heard John Wayne say, It was........ You Talking To Me !!!!!

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    Rest in peace, my fallen brothers and sisters. :usa2:

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    My favorite quote from John Wayne was his response when he didn't "turn the other cheek". : "I ran outa cheeks!!" :)
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    "im not gonna hitcha, the hell im not!!'