I woke up in an alternate dimension today

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    This must be some alternate universe I find myself in today

    First up, news from Russia

    The Moscow Times - Presidium Moves to Raise Oil Output

    Hmmm, lets see, the Russians notice a drop in oil production, combine that with skyrocketing oil prices and they figure out that if they cut taxes to promote exploration they will increase production and keep their energy costs low.

    Now for how we are gonna solve this same problem in the US, which is much worse than is Russia due to our pigheaded politicians and treehuggers refusing to let us get our oil out of the ground.

    [ame=http://youtube.com/watch?v=PUaY3LhJ-IQ]YouTube - Maxine Waters threatens to nationalize U.S. oil industries[/ame]

    Yep, if you watched that garbage, you heard it right. The esteemed, and I use that word very loosely here, democrat Maxine Waters is threatening the oil companies with nationalization. She actually let slip the word socialize and stopped for a bit looking for the word nationalize, which of course is the same thing. Oh and shes a proud liberal too. What a joke. How can someone that holds such a marxist view be voted into office?

    How can it be that Russia is going about this the way we ought to be and we are trying to pull some thug dictator marxist trick out of a bag like Hugo Chavez.
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  2. what a crock, that wont help

    they could remove the taxes on oil, if they did that then there would be no incentive at all for the government to keep them high

    its still a complicated situation, but i say we need to screw over OPEC some way or another

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    Nationalized my Hind-end

    soonerborn: Sir; don't cha just love it. "

    I own a business you own a business"

    I bring you to MY house and say "I'm just gonna take over your business" cause it doesn't suite me for you to run or own.

    Did I see a person of color suggesting "give" to me or NAACP

    Did I see a Business man "saying" I got you over the 'barrel' and I am gonna git my way

    She decides to take over MY "Oil" company's business. Load your truck 'my friend' We are doing like IBM; moving to Thailand.

    Now Ma'am; what-cha got planned
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    Hey, don't be blaming Chavez for nationalization of a natural resource. The idea is by no means original with him. It was all the rage in the mid-20th Century. Americans or Europeans would come in, locate a resource, develop it and get it producing under agreements with the nation's government, and about the time it started producing well the government would hold a vote and "nationalize" (read: steal) the oil field or mines. Given the foreign company had to spend a pile to get the mine/field/refinery/whatever up and running, they'd be lucky to get their money back sometimes.

    The reason Congress woudl even dare use the N word in connection with American oil companies is to appear like they are doing something to the voters who feel they are being raped at the gas pump. If they actually tried to do it, I think the courts would slap them down in mighty quick order. Remember, at various times presidents have threatened to nationalize the railroads and the steel industry, and each time the courts have said, "Don't even think about it."
  5. History lesson . . .

    for those like me who study history. The Richard Nixon adminsitration sought to have legislation passed making the U.S. Goverment the sole purchaser of oil and natural gas brought into the U.S. In that way we could stand up to OPEC and tell them what we would pay for oil and natural gas. However, the Democratic controlled House and Senate would not go for the plan.

    The point being we could have put the breaks on OPEC prices decades ago, the government would have sold the oil and natural gas to refiners on a price controlled basis , and the American consumers would have been the big winners.

    However, that did not happen.
  6. Paul Harvey's stand has always been a bushell of wheat costs a barrel of oil, Imagine that, If we started bartering with of food surplus things will get better. Why do we still have to be the worlds savior? China and Burma don't want our help, because they are afraid the USA will try to take over their country, I say OK, fine.