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In my area, I've never heard of anything bad about glocks but if there is something wrong with them I would like to know because I trust my life with this gun.
When I started looking for a handgun back in '97, I went to all the gun stores in the Island and I notice that many of the salesmen had glocks in their waist, the few others had Sig & HK.
Two years later, I decided to buy the handgun and went out again to all the gunstores to shop for prices and to my surprise, all salesmen but one (an old guy with a 1911) had glocks.
I don't know if there was a promotion from glock or not but you have to take into consideration that most of these guys have to buy their own gun.
If anyone has proof of anything wrong with glocks please let me know where to find this information.
I'm not blind for glocks but so far I have no complaints.

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