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    Assistance please. I purchased yesterday 91-30 with marking "star" with an 'arrow' inside. 1939
    My researching at 7.62x54R net says it's a Tula.
    only some small ?square? looking thing in front of the star.
    What if anything else should I hope to find.
    Them 'bands' man oh man; how in the dickens do you remove them without tearing your fingers nails up.:)
    Research @77.62R and they said nothing.
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    This should steer you to any info you may wish to know. Some great info that I refer to often. Hope it helps...Mos
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    I think the square you are talking about is a rearsenal stamp. As for the barrel bands. Some people use slip joint pliers to depress the spring. Just takes some work and time.
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    Try using a punch to depress with left hand and slight pressure on ring with a pen or the like.