Idiot w/ Lexus Fights Moron w/ Steamroller - YUP!

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    Idiot w/ Lexus Fights Moron w/ Steamroller - YUP!
    Lexus rolled over in dispute over parking

    By BOB WELLS - 9-6-02

    CHESTNUTHILL TOWNSHIP — A construction worker was charged with aggravated assault after he allegedly crushed a 1999 Lexus with a pavement roller during a parking dispute, causing thousands of dollars in damages during a parking dispute Aug. 27.

    Richard Howard Frantz, 55, of Brodheadsville, got into a argument with Kevin Hay, a real estate agent with LTS Builders, while Hay was showing a housing lot to a prospective buyer.

    Hay was showing a lot at the intersection of Barberry Crossing and Songbird Lane in the Whispering Hills development. Hay and Frantz argued about where Hay should park his car, police said. Hay moved his car to another spot when a second dispute erupted.

    Frantz then climbed aboard his pavement roller and headed towards Hay's car, police said. As Hay tried to turn around, Frantz drove the roller into the driver's side door of the Lexus, pushing the car 12 feet and forcing it onto two wheels.

    According to police, Frantz said Hay had an attitude and didn't understand that he needed to move because he was blocking construction vehicles. Frantz said he got on his roller and was going down the road when Hay's car drove into him.

    Trooper Shawn Noonan, an accident reconstructionist assigned to the Fern Ridge barracks, said based on his expertise and the damage to the Lexus, it's impossible to believe the Lexus hit the roller. Noonan said Hay received a damage estimate of $6,500 to repair the Lexus.

    Frantz also faces charges of simple assault, recklessly endangering another person and criminal mischief.

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