If I am going you are all coming too!!!

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Stewart, Sep 30, 2002.

  1. Stewart

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    It's not bad enough that I had to go out and get another German K98 Mauser, but then this little Finn M-39 kept calling to me. I noticed the Mosin discussions picked up and well I ordered it. After that I told myself that two guns in this short of a period should be enough for a while, as it is I have to get a safe.

    Well, I made the mistake of looking at the info and pictures at the link listed below, it was a bad mistake. One minute my mouth was wide open looking at the excellent condition of these rifles, and the next minute I was giving Chris at AIM my credit card number.

    At first I was going to give a warning to view this link at your own risk. That I was not going to be responsible for any multiple purchases that might take place as a result. But then I got to thinking that if I am going to add another Mosin (This now makes 4) then you all might as well come on too!

    These are available at AIM, the pictures should say it all.


  2. k8cca

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    WOW!!!!!! I want the whole crate!

  3. PAPA G

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    how do i clean drool out of a keyboard???:rolleyes: ;) :D
  4. Calvin

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    D*mmit, Stewart!! I just got my VISA paid down! The wife is gonna be pretty upset when she gets the statement next month....
  5. Stewart

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    Sorry Calvin but I couldn't resist, must be the cosmoline. But hey, after you saw those pictures was there anyway you could just leave those little pristine Mosins to sit on those hard wooden racks? Couldn't you just hear them calling your name? I did, mine should be here next week!
  6. **** It!

    That's just great!

    My Dad had a sporterized Nagant he brought back from Korea. He traded the gun for my 1st Guitar! At the time I thought it pretty cool of him. Now I wish he'd kept the gun!!!!

    Now I gotta dig out the Credit Card and find an FFL here!


    BTW, forgive the ignorance, but have ya got the Aim website addy? Anyone?
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  7. Calvin

    Calvin G&G Evangelist

    Guys, I went yesterday afternoon and picked one up. It's a beautiful 1941 M38 with a light-stained stock. I paid a little extra ($15) for one with a true M38 stock, but they are worth it.

    You know, AIM Surplus is only a half hour away from me, Stewart. While there, I also found a really nice Schmidt-Rubin that needed a good home, too. So, ended up adopting it, too. If I get in trouble, Stewart, I am blaming you for it!!

    Sniper M1, the address is www.aimsurplus.com
  8. Stewart

    Stewart Guest

    Congrats on the two adoptions! I am looking forward to my order arriving, if it looks anywhere near as nice as the photos I will be very happy.

    That is great that you are so close to AIM, I don't know how you can do it, it would be a little too dangerous to my check book to only be 30 minutes away.

    If you get into trouble just remember it's an addiction.
  9. Now I have even more people to blame!


    Thanks for the addy. Now I have a few people to blame if I buy one. Two or three for getting me hyped up on the find, and teo or three for telling me where to go to order.

    Now, if I could get just two or three to pay for em I'd really be in business!!!!!!

    Seriously, thanks for the help!
  10. toolman

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    hey calvin,congrats on the new family members! adoption is a beautiful thing. any chance of getting directions to AIM and do you think i could get to it in a truck (18 wheeler w/53' trailer)? i come through dayton on a pretty regular basis,might have to ck it out if i have time and can get to it.
  11. Calvin

    Calvin G&G Evangelist

    Toolman, they aren't too far off of 75. You may have to park a couple of blocks away with your big truck. PM me and I'll give you the directions with the locations of some places you could park.
    As far as time, you would only need about 30 minutes. Unless you're like me, and you KNOW what you're going for, in which case you'll only need enough time to empty your wallet and go through the background check.