If its published, is it official?

Discussion in 'Political/Religious Topics' started by chesterwin, Sep 2, 2010.

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    Chesterwin.....why are you still on the outer banks???

    wasn't supposed to be evacuated???

    published does not mean its official. it just means the opinion of the writer.

  2. chesterwin

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    Papa G. I haven't left for weather since my family moved here in 1969. The evacuation is to get the tourist out so locals can take care of things. No worries, I'm a prepper LoL! The office stands a good chance of being open tomorrow for the visitors that don't leave and have difficulties. We haven't made that call yet... We keep a good eye on reports a little more precise than the weather channel... Hmmm. The service station across the way is now out of fuel...As far as the article in the Original Post? I just liked it!!! It seemed to me to be a sign that things are turning around a bit. Kind of like a good scab on a wound...
  3. PAPA G

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    well stay safe any way:wink1:

    the article was well written and very good on relaying the mood of the average American.

    seems to have struck a nerve with the below average American judging from the comments:bigok:
  4. Very good read Chesterwin. Thanks for posting it.
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    Good article!

    Keep your raincoat, & galoshes handy.
    Be safe buddy!
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    My friend, take care and stay safe.
  7. The Eternal Failure of Liberalism in America

    The problem of liberalism stems from inherent extremism.Liberalism in both England and America centers on a self proclaimed elite group deciding what is needed for the great bulk of the population. In this sense liberalism abandons the constitutional mandate of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness".Freedom is sacrificed for the supposed needs of the liberal cause at hand.It is correct to equate both Obama and Bush2 as the same persona.Bush wounded conservatism by his willingness to sacrifice freedoms for a failed War on Terror. His Patriot Act was a greater attack on America than the foreign situation he held forth as a threat to America.Obama wounds liberalism by his willingness to legislate away the freedoms of Americans for the supposed gains of medical reform and other "great causes". His messianic drive almost equals the mentally ill PresidentWoodrow Wilson explaining he had outgrown the Democratic Party and that Jesus Christ did not finish his work on earth but he would finish the work Jesus Christ did not finish. In this frame of mind he sallied forth to the Paris treaty convention following WW1.