If the glove don't fit, acquit !!

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    O.J. No Longer ’100 Percent Sure’ He is Innocent
    Calls Johnnie Cochran’s recent statements ‘thought provoking’


    Oct. 16 — Days after former O. J. Simpson defense attorney Johnnie Cochran said on MSNBC that he is “about 90 percentâ€￾ certain that his client was innocent, Mr. Simpson today said that his attorney had planted “fresh seeds of doubtâ€￾ in his own mind.
    “FOR YEARS, I’VE BEEN pretty sure that I did not murder my wife,â€￾ Simpson said today at a golf course in Boca Raton, Fla., where he was taking a rare break from searching for the real killers of his wife. “But if Johnnie’s not 100 percent sure, I’m like, hey, maybe I better take another look at this.â€￾
    Simpson added that it would be “crazyâ€￾ not to be swayed by Cochran’s new statements, which he called “thought provoking.â€￾
    “Look, you’re talking about a guy, Johnnie Cochran, who is a pretty smart guy,â€￾ Simpson said. “If he said maybe I did it, then maybe I did it.â€￾ Cochran’s doubts about Simpson’s innocence may help resolve one lingering mystery for the former Heisman Trophy winner: why it has been so difficult for him to find his wife’s real killers, whom he pledged to hunt down after his acquittal in 1995.
    The former NFL star said that, in light of the new revelations, he may slow down his search, which he said has occupied almost every waking moment of his life for the past seven years.
    “If it turns out that I’m actually the one who did it, then looking for the real killers would be a big old waste of time,â€￾ Simpson said.

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    Go on, pull the other one!!

    Surely this can't be for real? :eek:

    (Hasty check of calendar . . . ) It ain't even April yet! :p

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    Where the heck did this come from? (I just ended a sentence in a preposition and enjoyed it!)
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    You guys are kidding right??? This is a joke this can't actually be real??

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Drink grape juice...because O.J. kills!
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    he did it and he knows he did it. It just goes to show you that money talks and bull **** walks
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    OJ should have a knife in his mouth, like the old pirates did it. Nice picture.

    Darn that Double jeopardy anyhow! He almost confessed right there. He spends all that time looking for the killers, heck he sees the killer everytime he looks in the mirror.
  10. I like the last sentence "If it turns out I'm actually the one who did it....."
    I'm pretty sure that slashing two people to death isn't something you are likely to forget.
    The guy still has the money to golf everyday and has no visible means of support. Where is he getting the money? I thought he was supposed to be broke after the wrongful death suit.
    He would look good in prison stripes.