If there's ever a new gun shortage, it's new bolt-action .22 WMR's.

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  1. Out of stock everywhere. Ruger American and Savage both except for some compact models.
    The Ruger American is bit pricier and has better reviews than Savage for quality.
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    The new Minimalist 22mag from Savage is popping up in stores.
    The only real complaints I've seen about Savage was about the clips. I've read they fixed that problem. But I'm not a fan of Ruger's .
    Henry 22mags are out there. I'm starting to lean this way, mainly because I don't like clips on a 22 and lever actions are fun.
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    I picked up quite a few 22 rifles on the last ammo shortage when Obama got elected. Could not find 22 or 22 magnum. So people thought that this ammo was gone for good. I bought many 22 rifles from people that thought that way. I picked up two older Marlin 22 Magnum rifles with wood stocks. They have the clips but very nice rifles. I also got about a dozen extra clips that fit both. Also picked up an Ithaca lever action 22 magnum. I dont care for these new rifles with the plastic stocks. Well stocked on 22 magnum ammo also. I also have two Henry lever actions in 22 magnum. Always fun to shoot the 22's and with ammo cost today I dont mind shooting them.
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    Happy Henry WMR owner. If I take the scope off, it’s a very handy little rifle & .22 Mag can be a sleeper with the right ammo.

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  5. While I don't have a 22 magnum bolt or lever, I did snag one of the old H&R autoloaders a number of years ago, and this year picked up a CZ auto.

    I do like 22 mag, but I have a hard time justifying them when under normal circumstances (not this year for sure) I can shoot a 9mm PCC for less $$$ depending on the ammunition used, with more muzzle energy and similar velocity. Not saying it isn't useful, just hate the price point for ammo!
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    Got a Marlin 925M and the Ruger American with the 18 inch tube. Much prefer the Ruger myself. Not as cheap as 22 L.R. but like the cartridge and been scoring the 100 box of CCI for $20.30 at Wally World. Nice guns like the Henry mentioned here but my real wish is to find a Marlin 1894 22M. Heard they made around 12,000 of them. Usually big bucks if one can be found.
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    On Gunbroker,There's 145 bolt action, 73 lever action, 16 pump action, and 99 semi auto 22 wmr/magnum rifles for sale.