If you could own a double rifle.....

Discussion in 'General Rifle' started by moosemike, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. moosemike

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    What cartridge would you want it chambered in? I might go 450/400 N.E. as I don't like loads of recoil and the .470 NE may be a bit much for me.

  2. samuel

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    Altho at first .30-30 sounds humerous,if you think NA and the fact that a double is basically a short range rifle,it makes more sense.A .30-30 with a 50yd zero would be effective on deer size game.(but I was thinking more in the line of .45-70 for NA) ,,,sam.
  3. Midas

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    I would go with the .500 NE, there is something about that 1/2" bullet that makes a guy feel confident in it's ability to handle anything which might come your way.
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  4. Para Cassatt

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  5. Ha ha

    any big bore double rifle can give you a good kick.

    If there is a big bore double rifle out there somewhere with my name on it I bequeth it to you.
  6. Tha Dave

    Tha Dave G&G Evangelist

    I was thinking 30-30 too that or a .22LR just for the fun of it.
  7. moosemike

    moosemike G&G Newbie

    How true!
  8. blaster

    blaster G&G Evangelist

    .416 Rigby. a true African classic cartrige for a classic African dangerous game rifle
  9. 338RUM

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    Blaster, I love the 416 Rigby but in a double rifle it is too dangerous if dangerous game is on the menu, it does not have a rim and the extractors on a double for rimless rounds are complicated and prone to breaking also it will headspace on the shoulder which if you look a Rigby has a tiny shoulder which is not good as it could allow the cartridge to slide up into the chamber of the gun thus allowing for catastrophic failure... All that is comming from a 416 Rigby owner!

    If it were my choice I would have to go with a true Holland&Holland chambered in the 500 Nitro Express 3" but then I woke up this morning and realized I would never own one......
  10. DUGABOY1

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    Moosemike I will have to qualify my statement here on this subject by first saying that there is no way I could stand having only one double rifle! There are simply too many uses for double rifle of different sizes.

    However let’s say I could hive only one double for all my hunting! In that case I think it would be a 375 H&H flanged . The 375 flanged, and the belted round as well are one of those cartridges that simply shoots almost all bullet weights to the same POI and it seems the flanged double rifle version seems to regulate well with different weights as well in a double rifle. On top of that component bullets are cheap, and can be found in any country where big game hunting is allowed. Additionally the 375 H&H, and flanged are legal in almost every country for the most dangerous game you may encounter, and with proper bullet, and placement is up to the task. As you well know the choice between the flanged cartridge in a double rifle over any rimless, or belted rimless cartridge is properly always the flanged cartridge, if the rifle is to be used for the hunting of dangerous game, and if one has only one double rifle it must cover everything he hunts.

    The 450/400NE 3” is my favorite cartridge in a double rifle but I wouldn’t have that in the only rifle I had to hunt the world. Now if you would allow me TWO double rifles then it would be my big, and the small would be the 375 Flanged Magnum, right now my pair for travel doubles is a pair of Merkels, one a 140E, 9.3X74R, and a 140-2 safari, 470NE. I have others both larger and smaller, but those two can be replaced easily if lost or damaged, and either rifle will take the place of the other if only one is lost or damaged in trasit.

    To the guy who said the 30-30! That is a very good choice for North America’s lower 48 states, and it doesn’t need the sights to be regulated at only 50 yds. The 30-30 is a capable round out to 200 yds on deer, and the statement that a double rifle is regulated to any given distance means only that the sights are dead on the center of a composite group of both barrels at that distance for elevation, and windage. A properly regulated double rifle shooting the proper loads that shoot to the regulation built into the barrels shoots each barrel parallel to the other barrel to infinity. They simply do not cross at any distance. I had a little 30-30 double rifle that I built on a Lurona 20 ga shotgun action with 18” barrels for a carry rifle to follow bear, and Lion dogs in New Mexico , and for that purpose it was a dream to carry on a sling, and was plenty for black bear, or lion in a tree from 30 to 40 foot shots. On the other hand it was a fine heavy timber deer, moose, and black bear hunting rifle, and especially nice for climbing into a tree stand. Wish I still had that little jewel! It is too light however if one hunts where there are lots of Coastal brown bear,(coastal grizzly) or Polar bear.

    ...................................................My $.02
  11. Browning

    Browning G&G Newbie

    I'll second the .375. my second choice would be 45/70 though.
  12. moosemike

    moosemike G&G Newbie

    I think the 450 NE was one of the best double rifle cartridges of all time but the British Empire stunted it's growth when they banned all .45 caliber and .57 caliber firearms in the Empire because those were the British military calibers. That hurt the .577 NE just as much. The winners from that ruling were the .470 NE and the .600 NE.
  13. skiking

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    I got a bit of a love affair with the 30-30.

    I am with you, regulate the sights at 150 yards and that would be one sweet rifle for deer and black bear with the ability to use it on elk and moose with a very quick second shot.
  14. blaster

    blaster G&G Evangelist

    good point! shows how familiar I am with that type of gun & ammo. but a fine double rifle for me would only be a dream anyway.
  15. huh, this would be a tough one because I dont shoot many rifles and the 30-30 does sound pretty good, but since this is my imagination gimme a double barrel rifle the size of those cowboy coach shotties in .45 Colt or .44 Magnum!
  16. PAPA G

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  17. moosemike

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    That is a cool rifle Papa!
  18. bobvonb

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    30-30 a winner!

    30-30 sounds pretty good, and useful. others to consider in this range would be 30-40 Krag (slightly more powerful than 30-30 but harder to find ammo), 7.62x54R (too much muzzle blast), 7-30 Waters (now that's worth serious consideration), .303 British, .307 Winchester, 7x57R (PRVI makes ammo) and the 6.5x53R Dutch (rimmed version of the 6.5x54 Mannlicher of elephant killing fame but relatively expensive even if one handloads).

    I like Sam's suggestion of the 45-70 too, if one needs a bigger gun for whatever reason.