If you could write a new heath care bill.

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    If you could write a new heath care bill what part of the heathcare system would it be aimed at? I myself thought in the begining that the big O might actually do something great for this country by regulating the price of policies and what could be charged making it affordable for for just about anyone with a good steady job. Man was I disappointed when I find out his idea of heath care reform is to force everyone to purchase heath insurance at whatever price the insurance companies tell you to pay.

    When he said the words reform I assumed that it meant making the insurance companies lower their prices to more affordable rates and stop hospitals and doctors from charging outragious amounts when in alot of cases they have barely done anything. Did anyone watch the 60 minutes episode where they check into cost. They discovered that something like 80% of the money that is collected by doctors and hospital from Medicare was charged in the last months of their lives. They had a chart where a woman who was dying had something like 8 specialist perform multiple procedures in the last month of her life and most of them had almost nothing to do with what was killing her. It made it look like Medicare was an open piggybank for these doctors to grab whatever they can.

    So I am curious what would you guys change in the heathcare system to make it better if you could?

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    When I had my first heart attack a couple of years ago I found out how they work.
    Linda brought me to the emergency room and there were about 4 doctors come into the room to touch me and ask me a couple of questions. From Raj to a really cute redhead with ample...ahhh. assetts.
    This happened through out my stay and even though I had good care and a different Dr. for every test byt the time I left I had seen about 9 different Drs. and only one was my cardiologist and at over 2k a visit for each one.
    A couple of them saw me twice. Subsequently the two stents I recieved cost about 75,000.00. I would have hated to have had serious surgery.

    Why was that nessesary? The next time in I told them I only wanted to see only one Dr. and if they werent the attending to leave.
    I hated to be rude, but because they have a doctorate doesn't give them the right to have a hugely inflated ego.

    I would like to see some sort of medical care like the Service has but to pay for it has to be a lot easier on the public. More fair for the people. and not mandated.

  3. It would include more alternative ways to treat people; herbs, massage, acupuncture, Reiki, using chemotherepy to kill the entire immune system is not the way to kill cancer permanantly. The health care bill does little for health care except to raise the cost of it. It mainly overhauled the IRS code to enforce and penalize you for not buying a mandated product, which some people don't want because of the AMA's outdated methods of treatment. Some people would rather cure them selves, not manage the condition with dangerous phamacutical drugs, being forever dependant on a doctor to get drugs. All they are allowed to do is chop on you and feed you drugs.
    Primitive, greedy, corrupted, and controlled Doctors. Their world is still flat.
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    The medical industry is capitalism at its finest. The down side, it doesn't have any competition to keep prices in check.

    Another post wanted the Executives at Wal Mart to run the country, I say let them run the health care system and let the PEOPLE run the country.
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    I would put a dollar cap on what the blood sucking lawyers can get paid for working a malpractice nuisance suit. I still maintain that the medical costs are so high because the parasitic lawyers talk people into megamillion dollar suits so the lawyers can collect huge fees. The medico's are forced to buy insurance against such suits, and the insurance companies are forced to charge exhorbitant premiums to cover the immense costs of a successfully brought suit.

    When I was a kid, if you got sick, the doctor came to see you or later, your parents took you to the office. The doctor charged enough to make a decent living, people paid out of pocket, and the insurance was reserved for major medical costs. Now everything cost so much it has to be paid from the insurance and the premiums are huge.

    Take the lawyers out of the system and watch what happens to costs. Failing that, establish a national standard for the monetary value of suits over a given type of error, leaving a sponge in a patient for example, instead of allowing the lawyers to go for the billions.
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    Ava, MO
    The medical care system is the opposite of capitalism. It is closely regulated by an agency that has an over-200 year history of not being able to manage a business.

    If I could change the health care bill, I would eliminate it. I would also eliminate Medicare, Medicaid, and the Social Security Administration.

    If you went to a hospital that had 10 doctors visit you, without any particular reason, and each bill you a couple of grand, then you need to be able to go to another hospital that guarantees not to do that sort of thing. You also need to be able to have a hospital that isn't told by that agency (mentioned above) that they have to treat every patient that sets foot inside the emergency room door, regardless of their ability to pay.

    It's time folks did two things. Pay for their health care is one. The other is to have a plan for their health care if they can't pay for the big stuff. Having people with money who don't give a chit about their health care costs so long as the taxpayer is covering it is a thing of the past. You either have an employer-paid plan or you pay cash. Bottom line.

    Federal anything, that isn't EXPLICITLY authorized by the Constitution is NONSENSE. Health care IS NOT delegated to the federal government. Nor is FEMA, FDA, USDA, DOE, NRC, FERC, NERC, BATFE, and a host of other ILLEGAL, UNCONSTITUTIONAL agencies.
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    These are some great points being made here. So it seems what needs to happen is not that hard to figure out. it just makes it more apparant that those in charge like this broken system we have and are most likely profoting of it too.
    The one thing I would want over everything elses id to make our goverment use the same heathcare system they desinged for the people. Until they write a bill that has that in it I say vote anything else down.

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    I've had a few operations in the last few years and several times a day some unknown doctor would stick his face in the room, say "How are you doing?" and then disappear when I said "OK."

    If you look at your hospital bill later you will see many "consulting" physicians' names you have never heard of and they all get paid.

    These guys are like leaches, sucking the money out of patients for doing nothing.

    And your doctor, the one you trust, is consulting for some other blood-sucker on some patient they don't know.
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    Hold on to you britches, this is going to hurt.

    Remove the profit motive,


    seriously, get rid of insurance companies. they are a middle man that does nothing except skim from the top.

    an agency (federal, private, church run. who cares) collects subscriptions from everyone who want's coverage. with 330 million people in the 'plan' we should be able to set a good rate. (economies of scale, it's part of capitalism, google it).

    once the profit motive is removed (yes, there will still be plenty of money to pay 'administrators huge salaries, and Drs. will still be able to spend 3 days a week on the golf course). maybe the extra money will be put into finding actual cures for illnesses rather than just treatment. When was something last cured? a cure doesn't bring in the same kind of revenue as a life time of pills and tests.

    have I lost my gun card yet?

    EDIT: I found this link while checking my emails. though it had some interesting info.

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    The modern health care system.
    Is nothing but a $ making scam!
    I which everyone gets a piece of the $ pie!

    Call it what you want.
    I call it a legal Ponzi scam!

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    I would have no plan, healthcare is not a right, nor should anyone be forced to have, pay for it for other people. It should be just like any other service, you want it, you pay for it.
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    All I know is I would write one similiar to the Bill that was proposed ORIGINALLY with the public OPTION and not this POS that the Repubs and Dems twisted and molded on order to make both sides happy and completely sabotage any possible chance of it working. God i wish these D-bags would stop screwing up our lives just cause they cannot under ANY circumstances actually Agree on something no matter how much sense it makes.
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    What if your one of the many LIKE ME that is below the "poverty line".....I am unemployed with NO health care which isn't by itself that big a deal because I take cae of myself. But what about for instance a Single mother that is strugglin to get by that has a sick baby and Relies on government funded health care( and believe me there are THOUSANDS of these). Would you suggest she just go to the hospital and become even poorer because she cant afford these ridiculous insurance rates? Or how bout the retired elderly that have fixed incomes? With the many injuries and such sustained by my grandmother if she didn't have Medicare our family would be in debt...would you suggest we just let her die because we cant afford multiple surgeries and doctor visits?
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    Petrol I see your point. Make it a straight out buisness and everything has a price. We would have to find a way for everyone to mabye make payments on costly procedures. I have to wonder what is the real cost of say somthing common like having a broken bone set? What does the nurse who put the cast on get payed. What price would have to be charged for the use of the ER room for say an hour to set the break? What does an X-Ray film actually cost? I bet it is not a fraction of what they actually charge. Probally to try make up for the cost of treating the paitents that have no intention of paying anything.

    What I do know and so does everyone else in this country is that there is no way out goverment could possible run any type of heathcare system without everything costing 20 times what it should due to the corrupt politicians scaming and stealing every chance they get. Does our heathcare system need to change? Yes it does. Do we want our corrupt goverment controling it? Hell NO!!

  15. grizcty

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    I get SO sick and tired, of hearing this.

    What did these mothers do for the first 200 + years?
    Since this countries was first born?

    Kids have been born, and getting sick, in this world.
    Ever since Cain & Able, were born from Adam & Eve.
  16. Sober

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    Shoot Govt Health care works in Canada And Australia I wonder what the problem is........oh yah Good ole American Greed!!!!!!!
  17. Sober

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    People also aren't raised with the same knowledge as those then so alot of those home remedies and such are lost as an after thought to today modern medicine. People now have become complacent without being self reliant. So its not the same.....Oh and it was an EXAMPLE... one of a few actually
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    That is true, but the life expectancy used to be about 45 and you had to have 7 kids because at least 3 would die before they turned 5. I know you lot don't like progress but I think a higher life expectancy and lower infant mortality rate than 200 years ago is a good thing. so is running water and public sewerage systems in cities. not to mention the huge pleasure I get from being able to read at night simply by flicking a switch. stupid progressives.
  19. grizcty

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    I here this all the time too.

    Moses lived to be 120.
    Michelangelo lived to be 89.
    Jefferson lived to be 83.
    George Washington Carver lived to be 79.
    My great grandmother had 13 kids, she lived to be 102.
    World oldest man lives in Montana and is 114.
    Who up till last couple years never needed a cane.
    And he still walks every day.
    Walter Breuning, world's oldest man, nears 114 | greatfallstribune.com | Great Falls Tribune

    These folks didn't need Omummer/Pelosi care.

    What is running water?
    We survive with hauling our water & our outhouse.

    Your right, I don't like changes.

    And I do like having electricity now.
    Realized how addictive it is.
    As we lost our power for 8.5 hours.
    This past Friday night, at 16 deg. out.
    But we lit our kerosene lanterns, and played cards.
    And actually had a good time, out of it!

    Getting back to health care.
    I own my own business.
    And cant afford health care insurance.
    I pay out of my pocket, for our medical.
    And we use it, only when absolutely needed.

    Go to ANY E.R. in the country.
    70% of all folks waiting in line are BS patients.
    Their kid has the sniffles, diaper rash, or something else dumb.
    All of these can be taken care of at home.

    But the western world, has become pantywaists.
    And have run to the doctors, for everything.
    From a hang nail to Viagra!

    Health care, is NOT a right given by the Constitution.
    Or by some politician, spending tax payers $.

    The bottom line is simple.
    Who is gonna PAY for it?

    If I cant afford my OWN H.C..
    Why should I have to help pay for someone else?
  20. lynxpilot

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    Ava, MO

    You're obviously a case for charity. When the federal government steals from the taxpayer and hands it over to you, that's not charity, it's theft. The federal government is not capable of charity because it has no money of its own. There may be somebody (maybe with good reason?) who doesn't like you and doesn't want to spend money on you. If the fed takes their money and gives it to you anyway, again, that's theft. The federal government is incapable of morality. They can't legislate morality, nor can they be charitable.

    Let's get away from this entitlement thing, shall we. Neither you nor petrol have the right to determine how I spend my money and the federal government has no right to do your theft for you so it makes you feel better. If you think a monster program like this is the way to go, I welcome you to fund it, since obviously somebody has to. A rhetorical question (i.e. don't answer it): How much of your personal money above and beyond your tax dollars have you given to assist the poor in their health care?

    Oh, and if I were unemployed, I wouldn't be wasting my time goofing around on the internet trolling on gun websites. I'd likely be using my time looking for a job. That's just me though.