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  1. Jay

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    1. To sell on G&G, you must be a contributing member of this site ($10 fee) , and have 25 posts.
    2. This is not a section/forum for you to run a personal business. Period.
    3. Please post your thread to the correct section. (i.e. do not place guns for sale in the knives section)

  2. jake C

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    hi , im new to this site but hope someone could help me , have an old smith and Wesson .32 cal revolver. My grandfather gave It to me and told me his grandfather gave it to him. Have had some unfortunate events happen recently including my fiancée having back surgery and not able to work for a few months which has made things kinda tight money wise, anyways im 28 years old live with my fiancée in a house we got together in Palatine Illinois which is a suburb of Chicago. yesterday I simply typed local arms dealers near me and sent out 4 or 5 emails and when I woke up today has 2 offers already both worded similar " hey nice gun , if you need some quick cash ill give ya ... then the offers one at 1,000 and the other 1250$ its tempting to take the cash but want to be sure im not getting screwed over aallnd don't even know if I 100percent even n
    NEED to sell it , which I obviously don't want to as it has a lot of sentimental vale to me . my grandfather passed away a few years back but he is from mullins WV . Not sure if his grandfather was from there or not. anyways its in excellent condition as I have fired it many times especially at his yard in WV were people don't mind , ( would never fly here in Chicago lol) all the markings and numbers are original I was told and the bottom of the the wood handle you can still see it says PAT june 5th 1917. IF your holding the gun the left side of the barrel says SMITH & WESSON right side says 32 LONG CTG also on the left side near handle you very clearly see the Smith and Wesson trade mark and on the right side MADE IN THE USA also on the handle its wood all the way around except for a little strip of the medal that it was made from with the numbers 509409 can anyone tell me if im getting fair offers ?

  3. The_Wardog

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    I don't know about selling and price, but if you proceed, do so with caution and make sure the transaction is legit and somewhere safe. That area has a rep, and you don't want to die trying to sell your gun.
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  4. jake C

    jake C G&G Newbie

    I think you may be thinking of the south side of Chicago and bordering south suburbs , but yes thank you for the warning I don't want to do Anything illegal or put myself in harms way, I made sure to only contact people who are licensed and would do it totLly legit and legally
  5. jake C

    jake C G&G Newbie

    Also I'm in no way trying to sell anything on this site I'm just asking if the offers I Already hVe from local licensed dealers r fair or if they r trying to take advantage of. My lack of knowledge on the subject , just s little helpful advise that's all
  6. bobski

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    jay, haven't these requirements been changed?
    I was all excited when I read this thread a month ago, but found in another section just this week that you must pay 10.00 and be a supporting member to advertise stuff, as of march. which rules are legit?
  7. Ten Man

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    Where did you read that?
  8. bobski

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    trading post guidelines sticky.
    firearms section


    Welcome to the Trading Post! This section is designed to connect buyers with sellers on this site. The following is a list of simple rules for how to use this section.

    As of march 1st, you must be a contributing member to post in that part of the forum.

    It starts at as little as $10 a year.
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  9. Ten Man

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    Well. That's pretty stinky.
  10. bobski

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    the question is.....which is legit? the one dated 2006, or the one posted up 2017, which makes no mention of it?
  11. Jay

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    Per Chris...

    "Hi there it's free to post a classified ad as long as your a member for 7 days and have 10 posts".
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  12. blaster

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    the other day I tried to post something on an old brass trader thread I started. I got a message saying I wasn't allowed to post. I figured it had something with not paying my dues.:)
  13. Kathy

    Kathy G&G Newbie

    Does any one know where I can find a 16 inch barrel for my GEN4 Glock 22??? I want to make My Glock into a carbine too!?? ANYONE?,..... if not YOU? Then who? Any suggestions would be appreciated!???? THANK YOU!!! : )

    I have a glock 22 in .40cal. With 9mm conversion barrel! Now i want to convert my Gen4 Glock 22 in to a rifle or carbine, and i am shopping around for a 16 inch barrel? Either in .40 that the glock 22 is, or a 9mm barrel 16 inches long that will fit in a glock 22? So, my question is 1) What is the longest barrels you make for my Glock Gen4 Mod22, and in what calibers do you make them? #2) I dont want to deal with this Austrian company that does make 16 inch barrels for Glocks! For what they charge for barrels, i can buy a whole another Glock! See if you can help me!???? 16 in. For Glock22? Thanking you in advance for your Attention your time your Efforts And your concerns! Sincerley, Kathy Dacosta.
  14. grizcty

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    Welcome to G&G from Alaska.
    There are a lot of Glock owner/fans here.
    Hopefully, someone can help you.

    Ps. Some of us still like real guns, made with metal. LOL
  15. Kathy

    Kathy G&G Newbie

    I got them too! Never underestimate an old 1911! It literally will stop you dead in your tracks! But let me tell you, the word with Glock is modgular! you can do so much with them! For instance take my Glock 22, Police trade in only 300 bucks! I got a lone wolf conversion barrel, and bammm now i got a 9 and a 40 in one gun! Now i am getting a micro roni glock carbine conversion, bam, now i got a carbine too! I just need the 16 inch barrel! It’s a 9mm! It’s a 40 caliber! It. 17 round! It’s a 33 round! It’s a 50 round drum, its a 100 round drum! It got a laser! It’s got a flash light! It a rifle or carbine! You can do so much with a glock! And every thing is so readily available too! EXCEPT A LOW PRICE 16 INCH BARREL! Ohhhh I can get a 16 inch barrel today if I want! But it cost $350.00! For that I buy another gun! : )
  16. runfiverun

    runfiverun G&G Evangelist

    but not one with a 16" barrel.
    I guess you could buy a hi-point carbine they have 16" barrels.
    but then unfortunately you wouldn't have to take your glock apart and would be all handicapped by having 2 guns instead of one gun and a bunch of parts in a tatoe sack.
  17. Kathy

    Kathy G&G Newbie

    It’s just like having a dual purpose truck, one you can off road on the weekends, and then drive it to work on Monday! I can carry it concealed throughout the week, and then go out hunting with it on the weekends, or do a little 100 yard target shooting! Whatever, 2 in one! It’s nice to be able to both with one! But yes, if i have to pay $350.00 for a barrel........ NO WAY! I would buy the High Point for 200 or 250! By the Way, I think High Points are available in 10mm now..... not sure about that, but 10mm is a rocket to of a 4 or 5 inch barrel! Imagine it out of 16” barrel! WOWWEEEE,...... !
  18. Huey Rider

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    :):)Welcome to G&G from Michigan:):)
  19. neophyte

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    Kathy: Ma'am, Welcome from NC
  20. bobski

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    im not a fan of anything do-all. usually, do-alls don't do all very well. they do...but that's about it.