If You Quack Like An Elitist

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    Barack Obama seemed to have survived the blasphemous rants of his preacher and remained relatively untarnished by the perceived dissatisfactions of his privileged wife," writes Kathleen Parker. "But he may be less lucky with remarks he made recently about embittered, small-town Americans, who `cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren`t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.`"

  2. Two peas in a pod

    The Democrats have offered two elitist candidates - one is a black man and the other is a white woman. But there is really no difference in that they are not democrats. They are the inheritors of the old Federalist
    party of Washington, Adams, and Alexander Hamilton.

    In the Federalist view of democracy it was really a small number of intellectual elite who ran everything with the bulk of the population offering submissive support. Elections for office were to be between elitists with the voters simply choosing which elitist they wanted for president and so on.

    Washington was dead but Adams and Hamilton got the shock of their
    lives when Thomas Jefferson broke ranks to state it was about the people
    and the government should operate for the benefit of and have policies
    representative of the people's will. Jefferson beat Adams in the 1800 election.

    Adams lived on but could never bring himself to admit what had happened. Even in 1815 he could never discuss the election of 1800 but would only discuss the revolution of 1801 (the year Jefferson was sworn in as president).

    It is time for another Jefferson. A man who will understand it is the prime purpose of government to protect, enrich, expand, and increase the liberties of the middle class. That is the crisis of America in this year.

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    New York
    The thing is, I don't see a presidential candidate out there who understands what you just said, nathangdad.
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    Sounds like Republicans too.
  5. My opinion also, no one to choose from. To me they are the same. Reps and Dems.
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    Few in Washington understand (or follow) our Constitution either; even though the first thing when being sworn in is agree to protect and defend it.
  7. Too bad there isn't the option of a write in candidate!
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    Think we can resurrect the Bull Moose party at this late in the game?

    Txplt is right! Those clowns on the hill and all over Foggy Bottom swamp don't get it! I remember how the weight of that oath came rolling in on me when I reenlisted the first time. I wasn't just saying, "Yes, I'll join your company." I was saying, "Yes, this is important enough I'm going to put my *** on the line for it!" I personally think we ought to have veterans enfranchisement: Serve your country in uniform and you get two votes instead of just one...
  9. To Cyrano,, TXplt, and TheWanderingMind

    I am just as sick of liberal Dems, liberal Media, liberal news magazines,
    and especially elitism as all of you.

    Just look at the results of elitist brainpower - economic agony for most Americans, people selling their prized items on EBay and Craigslist,
    people giving up going to work because they are losing money going to their jobs due to gasoline costs, millions of good paying manufacturing jobs sent overseas, credit cards with 30% interest, and so on . . .

    I yearn for a Thomas Jefferson but do not know where to find him.
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    New York
    The trick is to make sure he (or she - I rather admire Jodi Rell of Connecticut) really IS a Thomas Jefferson and not a Huey Long, who might have taken America down a fascist road if he'd ever gotten in as President.

    The only politician with any sort of national stature I think might do is Jesse Ventura of Minnesota. He's an ex-SEAL, sees government as a job to get done and not as a lifetime career, and while he is capable of compromise does not put up with much from professional politicans.

    I treasure the story about how he got the Budget Committee of the Minnesota legislature to get the state budget in on time, for once. He put them in a conference room with a water cooler and a refrigerator full of soda - that had no bathroom. He then put state troopers on the door with orders not to let anyone out for any reason until they had the budget ready for his review and signature. Before he left, he told them that if they didn't have the budget ready for review in eight hours, he was going to shove his flatulent bulldog in there with them until they DID have it ready.

    The political hacks had the budget ready for him in six hours. They knew he meant what he said and weren't prepared to cross him. That's the kind of no-nonsense leadership we need in America!

    What a shame we can't persuade him to run for President. Someone suggested it to him and he laughed, saying he didn't want the job. I think that someone who doesn't want the job is just the man to give it to. He'd get the job done just so he could go back to doing what HE wanted to do.
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    Funny you bring it up--compare the tactics used by Mr. Long and the klintons.........history repeats itself ?

    and +1 nathangdad -- the elitism (i.e. I'm important and know what's best for you, the common masses) mindset has been a miserable failure and really hurt America and Americans.

    The government derives its powers solely from the consent of those governed. The president and Congress are public servants and work for me (and you). Anyone who thinks different (or tries to "protect us from ourselves") should NOT, repeat NOT be in that position.

    Do you want a president who hasn't pumped her own gas in years ? Who hasn't paid her own checks at a restaurant.

    Public servants need to be people like us. They can't get out of touch with reality. They need to wait in line just like the rest of us. Maybe they need a "sending down" to keep them from developing elitist traits. Maybe these are inherent....
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    The Wandering mind, I would support all Vets. getting 2 votes. They earned it.

    I don't know of any Thomas Jeffersons out there but we had a candidate running that advocated reducing the size of the Government and making changes to give control back to We, the people.The liberal media were scared to death of him and froze him out by not giving him near the coverge that the other candidates received and having the debate moderators ask him as few questions as possible. While he is no Thomas Jefferson, he is way better than any of the 3 now running. His name is Ron Paul. We really had a chance for meaningful change in the Government but the voters blew it. Now we are back to voting for the lesser of the evils.
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    I voted for him here in TX. I agree he's better than the 3 running--it'd be nice if McCain would pick him as Veep but I don't see it happening.
  14. Windwalker,
    That is how the media works.
    They don't just tell us who to vote for but who we CAN vote for. If the media covers it right, the good ones never make it to the ballot.
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    Lee, you are right and with the media owners controlling so much money and power I don't see a way to overcome it.
  16. Well what we are doing don't work. I have been trying to wake up the sheeple since 68. So I know it don't work.
    Sheeple outnumber people by a bunch and the media and liberials lead them around like puppets on a stage.