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Anyone that follows me knows that like Nocturnal type devices, and a lot of what is on my YouTube Channel is dedicated to that sort of Equipment.

Anyway, today I was replying to a post in my channel on Thermal and wanted to refresh my memory on Specifications on a couple of devices and discovered something that I found to be rather Disturbing. Leupold has totally quit making their "Tracker" and other handheld thermals ... All Discontinued on their Website. Which is Odd, because although sales weren't stellar, they were selling and now is a time of high demand. Then I went to the FLIR website and found that they have totally quit making Thermal Scopes, even though they were very popular and high quality stuff, again with Demand being High. And in case you didn't Notice FLIR bought out Armasight (who I felt had made some of the better NV devices and a lot of Thermal as well though I've never got to play with it), and Armasight is Gone as well.

So why would Two companies based here in the US including one who just bought our one of their larger competitors in the market Stop civilian production in the last Year when demand is increasing?... Inquiring minds want to know!

Anyway there are still other companies out there like ATN (who I've heard too many horror stories about to use.. though I've had a couple of older used items that didn't impress me but If you've used their stuff I'd be interested to hear your impressions!) Pulsar as well as some Other manufacturer's many whose pricing is well beyond the ways and means of most.

I'm posting this in the Survival Forum rather than Optics because I feel that there is a good chance that these companies know something, and got out because this sort of equipment may start disappearing from availability so if you are waiting for the right time although now isn't the best time to buy the timeline for availability as we know it may be shorter than you think. ... If the actions don't add up for the current conditions then there is a reason for that, and depending on how the election goes I can see a whole lot of things being banned for public sale and NV / Thermal is a capability that certain entities would definitely view as something we shouldn't have.

(if this post needs moved I'm good with it, had a hard time categorizing it)
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