Illegal imigration and the Feds

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  2. Schizophrenic White House?

    What good does it do to send mixed messages to every group on any side of the illegal immigrant issue?Sometimes it is raiding an employer to root out illegals and sometimes it is holding up sanctuary cities as the great hope.Why attack one sheriff who wants to uphold his office by having a law abiding county where the citizens can feel some measure of safety and security?

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    I really don't know if it is political correctness or a more sinister plot hideing behind the curtain of PC.
    That is way above my pay grade,however I'll bet there are those that do know.:shhh:
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    The reasons behind the lax enforcement of immigration laws and security of the borders are nearly too numerous to list. There are those who openly want the destruction of the US. There are those who want slaves for everything from housekeeping and child care to manufacturing to sex. There are those who are so blinded by "humanity" that they'll gladly sacrifice everything you have to prove how compassionate they are. Of course politicians want guaranteed votes and big government wants those who's existence depends on entitlements and won't rock the boat. You can go on and on and on.
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    obama sent help

    after governor JAN BREWER passed the law . obama called and ask???? her to come to washington for a talk .she went told bho of the troubles az was having with the illegals obama said he would take care of it he did by putting signs up warning americans to stay clear of the park or national forest (i cant remember witch hell to get old) as it was used for smuggling drugs and people (he was a BIG help). this is in the USAand us americans are warned to give the smugglers the clearance.
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