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  1. Something has been on my mind recently, and I've been hesitant to post it. But here goes anyway...

    Here's the situation: The order of priorities in my my life is God, family, and then country. I can't stress or say enough about how much I love america, and I am not one of those "government hating" people. I just want to ask an honest question for an honest answer...

    IF Obama and the federal government grants citizinship to over 20 million ILLEGAL aliens (criminals nonetheless), what can we, as the average american citizen do?

    Again, please don't think I'm foolish for asking this question. This is a legitimate question that has been preying on my mind recently, and I have found no one that can give me an honest realistic answer. I normally hear something like "I'll move to another country" or something like that.
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    It won't be 20 million time they send for all of their family. It will be at least three generations that come. It will be their wife and kids,mom,dad and brothers,sisters and all their kids. Before its done they will take what was won at the alamo !!! And more

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    If word gets out that the Empty Suit from Illinois and the Obamists in the Congress are contemplating such a bill -- it would have to become a law, as was the one-time-only amnesty Ronald Reagan pushed through Congress in 1984, his attempt that failed to put an end to the illegal alien problem -- all we honest American citizens can do is bombard our Representatives and Senators with phone calls, emails and letters screaming our objections to such an action being taken, the Obamination's whims notwithstanding.

    Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the blithering idiots in that debating society inside the Beltway will listen to their constituents. They have forgotten that their job is to represent us. Too many of the men and women in Congress only remember Edmund Burke's observation that "Your representative owes you, not his industry only, but his judgment; and he betrays instead of serving you if he sacrifices it to your opinion."

    Their attitude is that they have been elected into a nobiliary class; and that therefore, even if they know less than nothing about the subject under discussion, the mere fact that they have been elected means they automatically are smarter than their constituents. To such jackasses, I offer another quote of Burke's:

    "Reflect how you are to govern a people who think they ought to be free, and think they are not. Your scheme yields no revenue; it yields nothing but discontent, disorder, disobedience; and such is the state of America, that after wading up to your eyes in blood, you could only end just where you begun; that is, to tax where no revenue is to found, to -- my voice fails me; my inclination indeed carries me no further -- all is confusion beyond it."

    That paragraph is from Burke's first speech in Parliament on conciliation with America on the subject of American taxation, on April 19, 1774. You may note that two years to the day later, England and the American Colonies were at war. Congressmen, take note; and pay heed. Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it.
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    If our mama Obama gets his way, he will have achieved, where Jorge Arbusto ( that's George Bush to you stupid gringos ) failed.
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    We "stupid gringos" speak English, here!:censored:
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    First of all, Obummer may be your mama.
    He sure as hell ain't mine!

    Secondly, the word "gringo" means: foreigner, and sometimes white folks.

    :question: So are YOU saying.
    That Americans in general, are all STUPID white foreigners?

    Seems to me,
    The "LEGAL CITIZENS" of this great country.
    Are made up from folks, of all colors/ethnic backgrounds.

    Looks like your facts, are all WRONG!
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    Running/saving the world is not my job.Running my life and saving my soul is my job.I only pray I can stick to my job.
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    Oh boy name calling can I join in you butt head!! Really is that what this topic is going to turn into Gringo, butt head, a*s clown none of that is needed here. There needs to be a clear legal and simplified way of getting into this country that will insure that only the people that need to be here get in and the people that need to stay out stay out, the thing that really pisses me off about people coming here illegally is that there are so many that try to do it the right way but have to wait and pay fees and wait and study and wait some more, but yet others seem to think that they are somehow special and deserve to be here because they did it the wrong way. They ain’t special they are criminals so why are we protecting them while putting others in jail.
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    ^At first you irritated me Dave.But after backing up and reading all I can say is both of you deserve the right to express your views in whatever form you desire.No one called anyone "personally"a name.
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    I know no one was it directly to anyone else here but “Gringo” I mean really “People” “Everyone” I can think of several different words instead of Gringo. If I busted out with the “N” word there would be a lot of people getting upset so what is the difference? I grew up being called that and it was almost never in a polite way. As far as I am concerned anyone that uses any sort of racial slur like that against anyone or even in general needs to grow up. I prefer to be around adults and name calling of any sort is just childish IMO. I am sorry if I upset anyone that was not my goal.
  11. Well I know I am a new guy around here but I do have this one oppinion. This country is made up of immigrants and I welcome all of them! The do however need to be here legally so that each person can contribute their fair share to making this country great. I also think that there needs to be a more efficent way to enter this country legally so that the temptation to sneak in is taken away. How do we do that I dont know if I have an answer but someone need to come up with one quick because our tax dollars can be spent on much better things.

    Here is a quote that I would like to share, I am not sure who was the first to say it but I really like it.

    "Calling and Illegal immigrant and undocumented citizen is like calling a drug dealer an unlicened pharmasist"
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    +1 and welcome aboard to G&G
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    The plug has been pulled,the hold is filling,and the ship is going down.
    We all saw it comeing with the creation of NAFTA,didn't we?
    Or not?:thumbsdown:
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    I like that. The next time I'm rollin in my 78 Caprice with my 26's and stereo bumpin' and the cops find a QP of weed I just tell them I am just an unlicenced Pharmacist and Obama says it OK! It sounds so much better than drug dealer. Then everything will be great.

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    I'll remember that when I see a ILLEGAL hispanic, who has been living and working here for several years, doesn't know English. Don't forget their kids too.