Illegals do work in the US, because they fix houses

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  1. - Powell: Illegal Immigrants Work on My House

    Not a big fan of tossing around news stories but after a period of joblessness due to being told I lack experience for entry level jobs and then told I have no job experience in the same sentence I'm abit touchy. If this is real and not some sort of out of context mash up what're you're thoughts.

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    Fox should have passed on passing around this tripe. if you look this is a associated press article that doesnt even carry a byline. how could anybody call powell a moderate republican ? This guy is a total yes man for obummer. Why wont the elected officials do there job = I E secure our us borders. Stop the flow of drugs into this country . Stop the flow of OUR NATION's economy dollars being sent daily out of this country by ilegals that are taking our jobs , sending the money out of your and my pockets. Rush labeled them as not ilegal aleins but undocumented democrats , and that I belive is the dems main objective.

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    My thoughts are simple. To quote the article...
    "Powell did not say whether he's hired illegal immigrants directly or they showed up with contractors."
    Either way, it is against federal law to knowingly employ illegal residents in this country. Whether you do that directly or thru a third party makes no difference.
    It's amazing. Illegal use of a firearm (no, I don't mean shooting someone) will bring down local, state and federal law on your head in a heartbeat with swift "justice".
    Illegal use of a human being is treated like just another walk in the park.
  4. Well,

    as a former homebuilder I know there has always been an underground world of cash only labor and materials.
  5. I've made a business of repairing things they mess up, like yesterday, where they had widened some doorways for a handicapped person, and couldn't put the laminated flooring back in right. Then I had to find two outlets they covered up with sheetrock.
    There is a network that moves these people around the country to work for homebuilders, secretly paid cash and this has got to stop. The only people Democrats can fool is people who can't understand the language, that come from socialist countries. Every dictator who has come to power has used the labor movement to start them off. It's time to take back our country, our our government and our jobs.
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    Shows where the gummint prioritys are!:cop:
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    Right on man, I agree 100%.
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    IF they secure our boarders when the drug runners will not be able to get the drugs in and their money out without increased contact with American Border Patrol, meaning that the number of attacks on our Border Patrol will increase, if that happens who will we send to help the Border Patrol officers? Most likely it would be the National Guard and if the cartels start shooting at our National Guardsmen and God forbid one gets hurt or killed, what then will it become a full blown Military operation on American soil? That’s why I think Obumer will not secure the border because just like most spin-less liberals he’d rather try to talk his way out of doing anything as opposed to seeing a threat and neutralizing it.
    I’m not saying that I want the US Military operating in the US, what I see that is what it could escalate into if they tried to secure the border.
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    It seems a full blown war games exercise in the areas adjacent to the border might prove interesting while sending a message to the cartels. How much federal land is there along the border, anyways? And what if Mexico did the same on their side at the same time? Where would the cartels hide?