Illegals in the middle...

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    This is how illegals in Mexico are treated...and Calderon has the cajones to come to this country and stand in the Halls of Congress, with the full blessing of our President, and voice his garbage of how we are unfair....and gets a standing ovation for it?
    This isn't an isolated incident. This kind of thing goes on all the time to illegals coming thru Mexico from Central America.

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    Well after reading hundreds of book on WWII and hearing the term sub-human used by Hitler to classify Russian's Gay's Poles and such it really made me believe that no human should be classified as such. Now the more I read about these gangs in Mexico and the crimes they are commiting I can think of no better word to describe them other than sub-humans. Anyone that could commit these types of crimes on innocent people could not posses a soul and as such will be a walking plauge upon this earth. There judgement day shall come.

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    It isn't just the drug dealers, killsnapz. Everyone gets a piece of this blame.
    Migrants in Mexico: Invisible Victims of Abuse | Human Rights Now - Amnesty International USA Blog
    Abuse of migrants trying to reach the US has been an ongoing thing in Mexico for decades. Yes, it's yet another reason why we need to close our border; but it also points out the mindset of a lot of the Mexican people as those who don't participate simply turn a blind eye to it.
    And these are the same people (Mexicans) who cry abuse when our country simply tries to send them home and claim that our country somehow "owes" them.
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  5. Darn right there in the middle, I was trying to get a construction job and they were right in between me and the contractor.
  6. Mmmm,

    I agree with your thoughts.

    The basic thing about a drug cartel to remember is that it is fundamentally a society without moral, ethical, or social concerns. It exists only to meet the immediate needs of the organization. Beyond that it may branch into illegal drugs, legitimate businesses, contract murder, investing in stock and bonds, etc.

    That is a lesson to which the young Al Capone was exposed when he met James Colosimo but which Al Capone could not learn. However, the Mafia learned after the repeal of prohibition that diversification into all sorts of legal and illegal ventures was the way to keep wealth inflowing.