I'm a Henry owner for life now

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    A great big AMEN! This company is as old-fashioned, unabashed truly American as any I've ever found. Mr. Imperato personally answered an e-mail query of mine on a Sunday afternoon. I wrote him back that I was shocked to hear directly from him, and passed on a couple of personal anecdotes about another down-to-earth business where you may find the company CEO bussing your table while visiting one of their restaurants. (At an Applebee's Restaurant opening in Oklahoma, not only was the CEO cleaning off tables, the regional manager was sweeping up crumbs and the district manager was taking orders and waiting tables.) Discovering I'd spent 45 years working for the Air Force in and out of uniform before my disabilities forced my retirement, Mr. Imperato sent me a pair of their beautiful coffee cups. He's a class act - and his company reflects it!
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