Im geting a little torqued off here!

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    Came homw this am..listing to ABC news drown on and on about the "Sniper Culture" ... how the web sites and movies (enemy at the gates was mentioned) glorafie the sniper and people want to be one.. the "Death Card" used by troops in "Veitnam" and the "Sniper" being "Highly Trained" "Epert Marksman".

    What I guess gets to me is this psyco babble....BS.

    First off there is no freaking SNIPER Culture........yes some of use former "snipers" like to read history...heck maybe even shoot firearms at a gun range...but not like we are some kida of freaking cult movement....

    This death card as a young Marine we listened to the old timers BS us young guys with their exploites....and we of course tryied to copy/live up to them....but the death card is the ACE OF SPADES....the "death card" in the Tarrot deck means changeing ... new begining...the "death" of your old ways...job ect...and start of the is actual a good card to get.

    This higly trained expert marksman BS.....if this psyco puppy was hiting people with head shots at 500-1000 yards Id agree...but comeon hiting a person somewere in their body at 100 yards....I can do that with a muzzle loader...patch ball...and Im freaking blind in my right eye.....they make it sound like this loser is a former instructor at the gunsite accadamy.

    Also this constant refrence to the Solder of Fortun magazine...civilian "sniper schools" and this whole milita...SOF waco stuff.....Not like they found the guy...searched his home and found the stuff in their...just cause hes a nut case dont mean hes got a stack of gun..SOF...magazines....heck he miight have a stack of better homes and gardens... I noticed they dont seem to mention what magaziens other criminals were SUSPECTED of reading....Never seen then go we "Belive" that Jeffrey Dommer read the joy of cooking.

    this ar-15 show and tell....they got people looking for some clown with an AR-15....this guy could be useing an NEF single shoot for all they why keep beating the sniper..assult rifle thing into the ground until they catch this clown.

    Today they were talking about the person(S) driveing a Dodge Carava....kinda scary is that I own one 2 :) I dont see them talking about the "MINI VAN Culture"...dont see people talking about the need for stricter "mini van laws"....I bet if these losers were driveing pick up with a rebel flag on it we would be getting beat to death with the pick up truck culture...all white surprimises drive pick ups...wear camaflage and own lets ban all the above.

    This clown..or clowns are some sick twisted dirtballs and I hope that when they are found someone puts a bullet in their head to save the tax payers some $$ on haveing to listen to some laye droneing on about their poor childhood.
    I personaly hope it truns out to be Rossie Odanald and Al Gore....but then the press would trist it to no end...
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    Yeap, I agree there Doglips! I seen on CNN yesterday where a guy was working in a gun shop, or at least it looked like one as there were longguns in racks behind him, yet he seemed to know very little about guns. He was talking .223 ammo and showing a bolt action Reminington 700 I think, just kinda made me sick. We should just be glad this wacko doing the shooting is not using some Com-bloc import ammo, or that supply would get banned.

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    It's just an extension of the gun-grabbers bellyaching about the "gun culture" (all us gun owners) and how society would benefit from stamping it out. They even talk of some "bad gene" causing people to be prone to violence and owning guns! So we are now genetic misfits!?
    Any excuse to limit or ban our hobby, just cause they don't like it or see a need for it. I personally find golf rather silly, but I don't call for banning it! Why not ban cars, they kill far more people than guns every year. This "sniper" idiot has given the rabid antis just another way to push their agenda, by demonizing us all, and putting fear of guns into the sheeple. Unfortunately, it seems to be working. Look for major anti-gun laws once that hussy becomes Governor of Maryland. This dovetails into her agenda perfectly - too perfectly . . . ? Food for thought. :mad:
  4. Stewart

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    I agree Doglips, the "sniper" label has already been locked in on this one and the conclusions set. The general sense that you get is that this is a highly trained expert, when in reality the distances described at this point could be the result of anyone with decent skills and an accurate firearm.
  5. Mr. Webster refers to "sniper" as a person in a hidden position shooting at people. Not neccessarily an expert.
  6. Oxford

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    Meaning of expert

    And we all know what an expert is...Ex (has been) and spert (little drip under pressure).

    Put them together and you can say an expert is a "has been little drip under pressure".
  7. Stewart

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    Thanks Alan I agree, what I guess I am trying to say is that the media is already giving the idea that this is someone whose actions are a result of all of the sniper books, movies, etc, and that the individual has specialized skills as a result.
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    One thing it WILL inpact will be more restrictions on what the MILATARY teaches....when I was in urban sniper training was so beat around the bush...cant teach you this cause you might use it...I bet after this bs snipers will be taught to wear dayglo orange and use swords in the milatary schools..
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    THe news this a.m. had a lady screaming about "CONTROL" of this culture. That pretty much breaks it down for me, all they want to do is CONTROL us all.
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    As someone else said in another thread, if he was expert there would 11 dead. I really feel for you ex military guys, what a beat up.