I'm having trouble finding a gunsmith in Lawton, OK.

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  1. My wife and I just got transferred to Fort Sill from Fort Hood last month. I've have a LGS here in Lawton, Ok to use as an FFL transfer point for a couple new guns I now have on order. They charge $40 a gun transfer if cash is used of $41 if plastic is used. There is no transfer fee for their own guns they sell but they never stock the guns I want anyway and/or I can get a better price on guns from mail-order vendors as this particular LGS charges full MSRP retail for guns they sell.

    I emailed the man who owns the shop I'm now using as a transfer point to ask him if he mounts scopes on rifles or if he knows of any local gunsmithing businesses that do this and all he replied with was that his shop didn't do that work. He wasn't very knowledgeable or helpful in that regard.

    I ordered a new Weatherby Vanguard rifle and a new Leupold scope. I will eventually need a shop to mount that rig professionally for me. Lawton/Fort Sill area (SW Oklahoma, Comanche County) rather sucks. I'm used to living in/near bigger cities that have gun-related businesses with many things under one roof as gun sales, gunsmithing services, scope mounting, indoor shooting range, ammo, gun accessories and you name it. Everybody in Lawton seems to want to sell/buy/trade guns locally (there's a truckload of gun retailers and pawn shops in Lawton) but nobody around here seems to want to service them professionally. It's like gunsmithing is a dead trade. I Googled for gunsmiths in Lawton but the few listed had no websites and that makes me feel these businesses are mickey-mouse. The only one that looked credible are in the big city, OKC, 90 miles north of Fort Sill. I can't even find a public indoor shooting range around Lawton.
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    "I Googled for gunsmiths in Lawton but the few listed had no websites and that makes me feel these businesses are mickey-mouse"

    Some of the older gunsmiths don't bother with a website. I suggest you go in and talk to them.
    The $40 a gun transfer, is about $20 higher the what I've seen locally .
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    Indoor shooting range, what the heck is that?
    As 410 said.
    Many old and well established gun stores and smiths, don't do the internet.
    It doesn't mean that they are Mickey Mouse or podunk. Word of mouth is where their business comes from. A big city attitude in most smaller towns. Usually leads to nothing but dead ends.
    The bottom line is either you pay their price, or you take a drive.
    Hello bells,
    For us a 90 mile drive, is just a trip to my local post office.
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    In my military career, I transferred, as you did, from big sea port towns to small, backwater postings. Each has it's own character.

    I would recommend you recon the local gun clubs and get to know the local boys.

    When they accept you, they will turn you on to the local "guru" win him over and your prayers will all be answered

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    There is/was a gun range on Fort Sill
  6. Update...

    I just emailed the guy (Mike) at my local FFL transfer gun shop, Ares State Armory in Lawton, Ok, again and asked him this time whom he recommends. He told me that he uses Adams Automatics in Lawton, Ok for gunsmithing and scope mounting. They do, in fact, have a website. I sent them a message asking about scope mounting services and I might get a reply later. I'll have to check into the Fort Sill shooting range closer. Mike knows I'm an out of town military type. I was in his shop not long ago chatting with a younger millennial fellow he has working there talking "gun".
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    That's great
    You're not far from The Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. They have elk hunts. If you're still at Fort Sill next year, you can sign up for the draw and hope you get a permit.
  8. I have no desire to elk hunt: just whitetail and mule does. Thanks, 410, for trying to be helpful!!
    if I meet some elk hunting folks at Sill, I'll definitely pass that info on to them.
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    I would suggest getting acquainted with a bunch of them on a personal level. Doing that here locally has put me in touch with a few dealers that only charge $20.00 for a transfer and a couple that can almost always match Bud's online prices. Even better than that, if my main one doesn't have a particular firearm in stock, he can usually have it here in 2 or 3 working days if it isn't on back order at the distributors such as Davidson's Gallery of Guns or Lipsey's. He also gives me 1.5% bonus bucks on every item I purchase from them whether it's firearms, optics, accessories, ammo, knives, reloading components, clearance stuff, etc. But there is probably some local dealer that will get down and dirty on the price cuts if they know they can sell you firearms rather than just do internet FFL transfers for you. If the only business you are going to dangle in front of them like a carrot is an internet FFL transfer, there is absolutely no incentive for them to do that for less than $40.00 either.

    I would get acquainted also with people that do firearms training classes, concealed carry classes, hunter safety courses, etc; because all of those types will also know sources of good gun smiths, competitive mom & pop gun stores, pawn shops, perhaps even FFL's that work out of their homes by appointment.
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    Hard to believe a gunsmith is hard to come by in a military town
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    [QUOTEft="ItstheHOFF, post: 2623112, member: 60978"]Hard to believe a gunsmith is hard to come by in a military town[/QUOTE]
    Even harder to believe there are no ranges in a military town. Indoor or outdoor. I have visited Lawton/Ft Sill and was not all that impressed with the town.
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    I’ve been there a few times for training. I’m sure there are “spots” to go shooting
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    My daughter was stationed there & had a stripped AR lower transferred that she bought on line.
    She told me she went through Walmart to get the transfer done, but that was years ago so I sure they don't do that anymore.
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    I did a simple FFL search on Gunbroker and here you go with a list to contact. Well,the link doesn't show the dealers. Type in your zip code,and you'll get the list.