I'm in a quandry

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Dale, Apr 25, 2002.

  1. I went looking for a side scope mount for my SAR3 yesterday and left empty-handed.

    The gentleman (also a gunsmith) at a locally reknown gunshop didn't have any nor did he know of anywhere in the metro area where one could be had.

    When I mentioned I could order from several sources on the internet he stated to be wary as there are about three different types and configurations and some of the mounts were too low to the receiver and would cause the ejected casings to hit the scope or not allow many scopes to be mounted.

    Now, I'm at a loss since many of the internet sites claim their mounts will fit any AK and any variant.

    Any thoughts out there? Was he right? Was he wrong?

    I would hate to order one from an internet site to find out he was right. On the other hand he might be misinformed......I don't know which.
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    He's probably thinking about the SKS, which ejects shells upward. The AK won't launch them into the scope, no matter what. I'd get the mount that screws onto the side of the receiver, as the one in the receiver cover isn't as sound.

  3. I hear ya...but is it true that some mounts may be TOO low for mounting of some scopes on the variants?
  4. Calvin

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    Yes, some are. The Avanced Technologies mount, however, has enough clearance to mount a Hubble telescope on it!! They run @ $40, and fit the siderail mount of the AK. The PSO-series hugs the receiver pretty close, but the mount is made for that scope only.
    As a side note, Centerfire Systems now offers a custom-made side rail mount for the SKS, which allows you to mount any of the Russian optics on it. As Battle stated, the SKS will launch the empties upward, so I'm very sure if you buy the SKS mount, you will have to mount a deflector on it.
    Getting back to the AK mounts, your gunsmith is right. Some are too low to the receiver to mount anything over a 30mm objective. If you're going to scope it with a big objective, check out the Advanced mount. If you're just looking for a scope that does a very good job, and is designed/calibrated for the AK, go with a PSO, Cobra, or one of the new red dot scopes.
    Good luck, and let us know how you do.
  5. Dale what shop did you go to???