I'm sick of the whole Microsoft lineup!

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  1. toolman

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    Alright folks, I'm officially pixxed off at Microsoft! When I tried to check my email today, I got a message that my Microsoft Office Live ID was invalid and I needed to create a new one, which I was unable to do as the process kept stopping and redirecting me to an "invalid password or ID" screen.
    I decided to forget about it until I got home, but someone mentioned that they wanted to see my website and when I tried to show them-it was gone too with a notice that the domain was up for grabs and the site had been disable on Office Live.
    This was done without my knowledge or consent and I'm PIXXED!
    If any of you have a website, Office Live, or Hotmail account with them beware!
    FWIW, I can't even log into the help desk because my account has been cancelled.
    This is Bullshxx and Bill Gates needs his axx kicked for allowing this crap to occur at his company.
  2. toolman, I only use XP and that will be the last MicroGates product!

    He is a despoiler of capitalism.....

  3. SwedeSteve

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    Bite the bullet, and get an Apple !! I did, and have never looked back !!
  4. Chris

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    Bill Gates hasn't been the CEO of Microsoft in a few years now....

    Did you miss a renewal of the domain name or account? I had an issue with G&G.com one time...so I just went ahead and renewed it for 5 years. I think it expires 2017 now.

    I recently upgraded to a mac a few months ago. I love it.
  5. CrazyIvan

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    Right, like apple is any better. All the hardware and software is proprietary. At least Microsoft tries to share. And, if you open the case on an apple, you void your warranty...because they want you to pay them $200 to add another 1GB of $40 RAM. PFFT.
  6. toolman

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    I've got an older Mac laptop and love it, but this isn't about the computer. What happened is, apparently Microsoft decided that I'd been using the email address and my website for long enough (I signed up for both under a free Office Live beta, but there was no mention of any time limitation in the EULA). When I tried to log on today they were just gone with no notification or warning whatsoever. When I try to go to Melbourne IT I get a notification the the site has been disabled and the domain is set to expire on the 23rd, so I can either renew it (I was never told I needed to.) or, if someone else wants it, they can buy it.
    Now I'll admit to being very computer stupid, but if I tell someone they can have something for free and don't set any time limits on it, I don't see as I have a right to disrupt their life by arbitrarily taking it away from them. when I was a kid, that was called "Indian-Giving" and was almost a capital offense.
    If I'd been given some notice where I could've at least copied my address book and some of the pending grip orders that are in my email it wouldn't be so bad, but I effectively lost all of my pending business at the stroke of someone's finger unless I can find a way to recover my emails...
    I decided on Office Live because I figured Microsoft was a reputable company and I apparently got scroowed for trusting them.
  7. CrazyIvan

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    I've been using AOL email for free since 1997. I even have the same email address.

    But, if AOL goes out of business or sells out, I expect to lose my privelage.

    I had geocities I used as an FTP site, provided by Yahoo. They never said it wouldn't last. I got it in 1999. Just last year, they sold Geocities to another company. I can access what is on there, but I can't add anything new without upgrading the service to a pay service through the new provider/owner. So, I had to dip into my FTP Pay site that I have with GoDaddy.com to use as my personal FTP site.

    Ownership and usage Rights, when it comes to the cyber-world, are much different than physical possessions. Anything can change at anytime. We are on Gun & Game for free. But, what if Chris decided to sell the site because of financial hardship? And, then, what if the new owner decided to take it offline completely, or make it into a pay site for membership? That would effect us all. Even though Chris never said that could happen, it could.

    Or, you could take another example of the first generation Iphone. People paid out the nose for that phone, but it no longer is supported by Apple or AT&T, so it no longer gets updates. If your phone doesn't work...tough cookie.

    The point is that your Microsoft problem is not the only place this kind of thing happens. It happens all over the planet when it comes to electronic/cyber possession and usage rights. The other thing you could think is that you got it for free...well, nothing is free, and nothing lasts forever. You had a good run of having a free service. Take it for what it was worth. I know it sucks. I'd be pizzed too if AOL decided to shut down my email account. But, what can I do about it? I have had free, unlimited email service and storage for about 13/14 years. I can't complain.
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  8. toolman

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    Be that as it may, Microsoft has gotten several hundreds of my hard-earned dollars in the last few years in the form of operating systems and upgrades, plus I've steered quite a few people onto Office Live as paying customers because it was a great way to start an online business. I understand that the internet is a lot different than the "real" world, but we all deserve a little respect from the people we do business with.
    I'd really like to know who gave some company based in Australia the rights to my company's domain name and the right to tell me whether or not I can keep it. This is piracy no matter what type of spin you put on it. This exactly the same as if I sent you a letter saying that your name was no longer valid and would be blocked for all means of electronic correspondence unless you pay me x amount of dollars to use YOUR name.
    Maybe I'm being unreasonable, but the reason we are where we are today is because people sit idly by and let it happen using the excuse "well, that's just the way it is", I say B.S.! If you enter a contract and that contract is broken by the other party, then you should have some recourse other than being unhappy about it.
  9. big shrek

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    Apples are SO much better :D

    They always have been, always will be.
    Faster gaming, better graphics, and no viruses.
  10. thicket

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    This describes the end-of-the-deal.

    Office Live Small Business Free Domain Name Renewals Ride Over - Softpedia

    this helped me, because a domain I wanted had been registered freely for their service. I expected the owner to not pay for renewal, and he didn't. so I got the domain when it expired and dropped.

    if you want the domain, pay for it now. if you wait too long, the registrar can charge a significant redemption fee in addition to a standard renewal fee.

    Microsoft still offers a nice free deal. just not the free domain.

    Free website and Free web hosting | Microsoft Office Live Small Business
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  11. CrazyIvan

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    lol. why would anyone write a virus for an apple? there is nothing on an apple that anyone wants.
  12. BarryHalls

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    GOSH I hate macs, but they really are better for non-computer people.

    I guess I don't like macs because they are TOO user friendly. Which means that they don't let me do any dad gum thing I want to do to screw up my computer like a PC does. I know what I'm doing dammit, STFU mac!

    Besides that, windows is still MUCH more compatible, to the point of the PC that costs half as much as a Mac (and is still 80% as powerful) PERFORMS BETTER for gaming. Macs are king of video and picture editing though, but seriously? To get a Mac that is better than a PC you are still looking at 2.5k+ and andother 2-3k for photoshop. . . HAHAHA!!! Screw you! I'll take my $700 PC with the 1gigabyte memory Radion 1900x that does the job 95% as well, lol.

    To the end of 'user unfriendly' I'm working with linux at work, and I like it, but it's practically for programmers only, BUT it's totally immune to viruses.

    In any case! Windows, with a good virus scanner, and a few other nifty programs, is the way to go for 95% or people. BUT it's like any MACHINE, yes it IS a machine, you have to know how to use it and maintain it or you will tear it up!

    Not particularly to the OP, to anyone it may concern:

    1. automatic updtes, turn them on, check daily

    2. active virus protection, as in continuous motoring of the PC, you MUST have it. Automatic virus scans, turn them on for EVERY NIGHT, while you sleep, and set it to automatically turn the PC off when the scan is finished (DO IT, it's good for the PC) OUTDATED VIRUS PROGRAMS ARE USELESS If it doesn't' update DAILY, throw it in the trash. Microsoft fixes all the major bugs and viruses once a month, and does the urgent fixes on the first Tuesday after they figure out how to fix it (seriously) the virus scanner gets by till the next fix. Don't have a subscription? Reinstall your windows now, you already have too many viruses, and once they are ON your computer, they can hide from the virus scanner, it typically finds them as they download, before they activate. AVG free is the best virus protection out there, IMO, and it's totally free for the home edition. The pay-for edition has some excellent features, and I recommend those to anyone, but if you can't afford it, for the love of your identity (YES, viruses steal your identity!), get the free one, its JUST AS GOOD, for viruses alone. Seriously, it's like the oil in your car, if it's not fresh (up to date) you may as well shoot the machine with a .50BMG.

    3. use the simple disk cleaner built into windows about once every 2 or three months and after each disk cleaning, run the disk defragmenter.

    4. keep a password on EVERY SINGLE user log in, even if it's just 123 (though it needs to be 6-10 characters containing 2-4 numbers [and adding a single capital letter makes it almost twice as secure as that, but IMO it's not worth the time it takes to push shift at that point]). Make up phrases, don't just add numbers at the end. Change the vowels to numbers (you can do the consonants too, but doing ONLY vowels makes it easier to remember what letters you changed to numbers) IE: change monkeytoes to m0nk3yt03s. Where security is concerned, there is no benefit to keeping the vowels.

    Those 4 things will keep a computer going at NEAR factory condition for 7 years (as the one next to me that I'm finally reinstalling for the first time since 2003 has done!)

    People who constantly install new programs (which you SHOULD NOT DO! don't download all of this random crap! That's where your viruses come from, and it changes windows settings!), which should be only serious computer people, should reinstall more like once a year. There are GREAT free programs out there, but all of them are on the main page of download.com listed as 'top downloads' and those are the only fun little toys and tools you should mess with. For that matter, they publish an article at the end of every year listing the top 10 things that came out over the year. Just worry about those once a year.

    Finally, NEVER, EEEVVVERRR look up porn or use an illegal file sharing program! That's almost a virus guarantee!

    All of that said, I'm really only an XP fan, but Microsoft has already set a date for it's demise. They will no longer be providing updates. Oh well, 7, here I come, as late I can effing wait, lol.
  13. 9mmXDm

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    The reason why people don't write many viruses for Macs (Apples) is that the majority of people don't own a Mac (Apple) computer. Thusly they would rather be able to infect a Billion people (Microsoft based) instead of a Million (Mac/Apple based) people. Also writing a virus for a mac is a little harder to do then microsoft based viruses.

    ALSO... There is tons of software on a mac that people want. Best video editing software in the world is Final Cut Pro. I have worked with other. SONY VEGAS, AVID, ADOBE PREIMERE PRO & FINAL CUT PRO. Out of the four there FCP does the best work and you can do much more with it then any of the other programs.

    FYI, I was never into MACS (Apples) back in the day. My uncle was always a fan of them. My Microcrap piece of crap Dell crashed on me and needed replacing. I looked at the Dells and other computer Microsoft based on the market. Then I looked at Apple. While they are pricey and that is a big deturant for most people once you get one you will see why they are so pricey. While the prices could come down to compete with microcrap based computers I don't forsee them doing so. I LOVE MY MAC PRO and wouldn't give it up for the world. With the ability to add (4) interal (1) terabyte drives and 32gb of ram and huge motherboards that would blow a Microcrap computer out of the water... Yeah I'm staying with Apple.

    I do have a laptop from HP. It works great and does what I need it to do. It was a gift, I wanted a MacBook Pro but I got this instead. I do like it but what I see is Microcrap moving to ideas that started with Apple.
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  14. BarryHalls

    BarryHalls G&G Evangelist


    Even if there are only 30% more PC users than mac users, PCs will still be targeted by 99% of viruses. It takes the same amount of effort to write a virus for PC as it does for mac and by targeting a PC you get 1,000 times more infectible targets. (perhaps more, as you stated) What's more, is there are more people out there that know HOW to program for PC versus MAC. There ARE mac viruses, but they are in the realm of 1/10% of the number of PC viruses.

    SO, a day will come when the number of apples compared to the number of microsofts begins to even out, then all virus bets are off.

    BTW, dell is still probably the best 'stock' PC on the market, but they have gone to pot by my standards. For $1k you get a 'dell' motherboard that doesn't fully utilize the intel processor?? Screw that! For $700 I got a pc that with 2x the ram and a 512 more video ram than the $1k dell, all on an INTEL motherboard that better supports the processor AND the video card.

    If you are serious about USING computers, (don't bother if all you do is internet), get serious about building them.
  15. BarryHalls

    BarryHalls G&G Evangelist

    faster gaming my eye. The benchmarks last year for top of the line mac vs pc showed a (ballparking off the top of my head) 10% performance difference favoring PC on everything from WoW to Bad Company 2.

    The difference in performance of $2k pcs vs $2k macs was just SAD. Benchmarks were like 30% different.

    Mac SEEEEM more powerful, and they can actually render more, but games are designed for PC and then retrofitted to the macs. Bad deal.



    (what he said)

    Here is just a snippet on benchmarks, there was a comparison done with MANY games, and PC (both by price range comparison, and 'best availible' comparison) squashed the mac similar to this test

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  16. Chris

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    uhhh.....no you don't. in fact it's deemed a "user replaceable part".

    Everyone keeps saying Mac's suck, Windows wins.

    People forget about one thing, experience.

    If you want to game, macs aren't the best solution. I still do a little gaming on mine and it works flawlessly.

    Windows doesn't try to share a bit more than it has to, don't let it fool you.
    My mac fits my needs to a T, and I assure you I do some pretty crazy stuff.

    Back to the topic on hand. Tooleman, you could try and go with Godaddy and setup an account up there. It won't be free, but maybe you could try and get your site back up.
  17. TGF

    TGF G&G Newbie

    Here are my thoughts on you apple zealots

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmik-tH6dEs]YouTube - Angry Apple Switch[/ame]

    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

    Being in IT for almost 20 years now I can tell you right now, MAC's are not a business or enterprise machine, in addition to that they are near useless for gamers and anyone even semi-productive.
  18. 9mmXDm

    9mmXDm Suspended

    So your saying photoshop and Final Cut Pro aren't productive? Because you'd be wrong my friend.
  19. TGF

    TGF G&G Newbie

    I am saying the run just fine on a PC and can be managed at scale. Do you have any concept of the CoO of Mac's vs PC's?
  20. SKS NOOB

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    I like being able to customize my PC. Mac's, from what I've seen, haven't gotten into this. Yeah, a person can upgrade a HDD or memory, but unless you get their Mac Pro you wind up being stuck with what you have. You can't just get a new MLB and up the speed with an IMac. People just want a simplified computer and have specific needs. To a point, Mac can do that if you don't mind changing OS.

    I used to work on em both. I saw more PC's than Mac only because there were more PC's out there and more things likely to go wrong with them. Another reason you see PC's more than Mac is because Bill Gates basically was a bully when selling his product. He didn't just want to compete. He did his best to BURY some competitors.