I'm thinking about a second (backup) handgun for carry.

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  1. For carry and home defense. It's always good to own at least two defensive handguns and both at least as powerful as .38 Special or .380 ACP. One should be at least a .357 Magnum revolver if you hike outdoors. My King Cobra has me covered in black bear and cougar country. A second non-magnum pistol could be both a town carry gun (no bears) and a bathroom gun to boot.

    Again I need the gun to fit my fanny pack nicely as does my King Cobra. The King Cobra 3" is rather heavy though for city carry.

    The new 9mm Glocks are sold out. New name-brand revolvers are expensive. I just spent $900 on my new Colt King Cobra 2 months ago. It has to go back to Colt for work. I don't like Smith & Wesson Shield pistols. Somebody here told me to stay away from a gun that fires .380 ACP. Academy has a nice little Glock 42 for $449. .380 ACP FMJ ball ammo is available at Freedom Munitions in a 50-round box at 78 cents per pop.

    Charter Arms and Taurus revolvers are cheap and look like crap. I'm thinking about cruising my local pawn and gun shops looking for a good preowned smaller-frame pistol or revolver. Snub-nose (2") to 3" barrel for a revolver. Maybe a good preowned Glock in 9mm. I have a hunch that a nice preowned Colt revolver is going to be priced like a new on or worse. Can a real nice mid-frame shorter-barrel Smith, Colt or Ruger revolver (.38 Special, +P or .357) be found for under $400? What can I expect to pay for a mid-frame 9mm Glock in preowned condition?
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    You were able to get slightly used Glocks for $400, last year. Now? Who knows.

    To be honest, this is a rough time to be looking for an inexpensive hand gun. They are scarce.

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    You might look at/consider a Springfield Armory XDS (original model no longer made) or the newer XDS Model 2 (better grips and larger/more positive engaging grip safety) in either 9MM or 45 acp (XDS original or Model 2) or 40 S&W (XDS original).
    Small enough for concealed carry/backup.
    I've got the original in 45 acp and wife has the original in 40 S&W. The 40 is really sweet shooting pistol. If she'd gotten hers first, I'd have gone for the 40 also, and I'm a big fan of 45 acp.
    We like SA XD's so much, we still have the first XD we'd bought....her XD40 sub compact, now the bedside stand gun with Crimson Trace laser sights.
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    If you want a snubby...and are good with .38 special +p rated.


    Smith and Wesson model 442.... you can get it without the "Hillary hole" internal lock too.

    You can usually get them for around $450-$460 -usually around low $400s but since there is a national gun shortage currently they are going for around $460 from what I can see.

    The SW 442 is a tried and true no thrills J frame 5 shot .38spl snubby. (and again it's +p Rated) Its about $100 cheaper MSRP than a Ruger LCR too.

    If I was on a budget but still wanted something reliable and proven Id look at this model.

    It has an internal snag free hammer which would go well with your pack too... or if you want a bathroom gun... a DAO snubby is about the only gun that you can pretty much safely just throw it in your pocket lol.
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    This is another thread, that feels like d_p_holland wrote it.

    KingCobra, fanny pack ect....
    Just my opinion. :rolleyes:
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    TACAV: Sir; give me 10minuets-screwdriver- and Hillary hole will appear on SW-638 :)
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    Yup...agree.....have seen several handles here change but the writing is the same. Not so coincidentally at about the same time the original handle stopped posting due to having been 'found out' as perhaps they are not who they seem.

    Ya gotta wonder why.

    I guess it's a balance of being welcoming and assuming the good in people (we ALL want genuine new members and input on this great site) while making sure that folks are upfront and honest. We all welcome avid shooters from novice to expert alike but for trolls not so much.
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    Griz and Tx I noticed the same thing.
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  9. I just ordered a new Smith & Wesson 642:

    About $520 total after the FFL transfer fee. The hell with a Glock.
    Should be a great lightweight fanny pack or winter coat pocket gun for everyday easy carry. The Colt King Cobra will normally reside in the medicine chest as a bathroom gun and carried in black bear/cougar country w/ .357 loads. Fires .38 Special or +P just like my Colt. A companion revolver. Hard to go wrong with 38 wheel guns.

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    I was getting suspicious earlier when he posted a video from Gun Blue... I don’t have any doubts anymore. All the guns are the same, ‘hates camo guns,’ I’m just waiting for the topic of being ordered to drop your weapon and getting a scratch on it.
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    You mean something like this here? IMG_20201026_140352187.jpg
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    Just reading the title made me want to say, "Why?" A backup handgun to me means you carry two guns. Unless you're in law enforcement or live in a high crime area and primary carry is a semi-auto my question is why? Think you're onto something Griz.
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    It's always good to have a backup or backups these days.

    However, I think it's a bit short sighted(unless restricted by draconian laws) to carry only revolvers these days.
    For example I could post a pic of my S&W 442 right next to my Glock 26.
    Very similar sizes but suited for different carry. However with planning the 26 is way more versatile. For one the 442 will forever reload 5 shots. For spare mags for the 26 I carry 2 15rd G19 magazines.
    Another the sights and trigger are much better for shooting at distances in the 25yd category. While the 442 not so much.
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    Is it just me or does this stuff seem to happen a bunch in election year cycles?
    Like old what's her name I heard about stirring up things with other ladies here. Hokey whatever something?
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    Likin that 442 myself. Sure looks like a handy gun for packin. Hows the recoil from that snubby? Got a CS-9 for now but that snubby sure looks like it has something to offer.
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    Why does your profile say you are from Fort Sill OK and your intro indicates that you are from Burbank CA? Hmmm. D_P_Holland is from Fort Sill.
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    Snubby recoil is stout to say the least. Especially with the stock grips. Mine left my hand hurting days after my first range outing with it. That hasn’t happened since. I love shooting it.
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    Chap who hunts/dp holland is no more. Banhammered away.
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    Question: Why carrry a backup when, if you carry a semiauto, you can just carry an extra mag or two, excluding a mechanical failure?
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    Ever held a Smith & Wesson 3913? Feels like a really sweet little 380 but it shoots 9mm.
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