I'm thinking about a second (backup) handgun for carry.

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    If you are a veteran and still can find your DD214, Glock is running a program with their dealer network for veterans to be able to buy a Glock pistol normally reserved for Law Enforcement at Law Enforcement cost. It's called the Blue Label program and is running through Veteran's Day.
    My Gen5 G19 was $429 last year, new in box with three magazines under the Blue Label program. You just have to find a participating dealer. The Blue Label pistols might be the only Glock pistols they have in stock anyway.
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    lol...thanks for using your investigative skills :)
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    My choice in handguns is the 10MM. However my carry gun in town is a SIG P229. It has 3 barrels .357 SIG, 9mm Luger and .40 S&W. It can adapt to many shortages and come out blazing.:D:D
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    Most people will never, ever use a backup handgun. Fact is most people will never ever use their primary. Having carried guns for a living, cop and military, I am well aware of situations where a person had a gun slapped away or dropped during a struggle. Having any tiny back up or pocket pistol is what buys you that extra punch if you are on the ground being pummeled by a 300 pound gorilla guy, or may 2 150 pound guys. Having any second little flash bang in the pocket can change the outcome if you have lost control of gun number 1.

    If I am going to Wallyworld or the grocery store or just about town, I carry one gun. If I am going on a hike or walk away from the crowds, I carry two. One is small, one is a full size, like a Glock 19, or maybe a snub nose SW 19. If I am going into a large city I may carry 3, the third is a high capacity gun, it could be a pistol caliber carbine as well. Just something high capacity that will provide sustained fire if I should be met with multiple attackers or threats. In the military we called it suppressing fire, in private carry we call it return fire, a legal thang.

    You can never go back and get it, once the attack has started. The second gun takes the place of a reload, just nothing to grab but the grip.
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    My opinion on a "backup" firearm is a handgun to a rifle or shotgun, or vice versa.
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    Charter and Taurus look like crap, praises Glock in same context, LOL. ‍♂️

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    Cabelas and Bass Pro now gives the 5% Veterans Discount on firearms and ammo. In the past, I do not think it included guns and ammo, now it does. I used it for stocking up on ammo a while back. Not great like the Blue Label deal but 5% is 5%. https://www.cabelas.com/shop/en/legendary-salute?lcab.rdr=TRUE&pageName=MilitaryDiscountProgram
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    LOL. When I bought my first Glock, 1990, I referred to it as the ugliest gun I had ever seen or owned. Kind of like a ball peen hammer, not pretty but works every time. Most of my revolvers are SW, Ruger and Colt. But I own Charter and Taurus and trust them as well as the others. They have been making and selling guns many decades and people buy them more and more. Looks like crap? To whom?
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    The original poster.

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    Yes, I know. I think he was trolling. I own lots of SW, Colt and Ruger revolvers and I think most people who trash the other brands, just have not owned them. My personal experience with both have been excellent. And people who actually use them daily probably have a more informed comment than people who just look at them and comment. IMHO
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    Screenshot 2019-09-12 at 2.11.03 PM.png A thing of beauty!
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    Here is my actual back up gun.......it's a 380 acp Screenshot 2019-12-28 at 9.04.51 AM.png
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