IMAGINE - Every State A Carbon Copy of Commifornia

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    Commentary: Biden Plus Harris Equals California Everywhere, a Nightmare We Must Reject [HEADLINE]
    October 21, 2020
    by Julie Strauss Levin

    Imagine a country where rolling blackouts are a common occurrence, where gasoline-powered cars are outlawed, and all new car sales must be electric by a date certain. Imagine a country where borders are open, sanctuary cities and towns are everywhere, where people here illegally are celebrated with lots of free things like healthcare and housing, and wage-earners pay for it all. Imagine a country where the radical Green New Deal is thrust upon us (out goes natural gas, oil and coal; in comes renewables; goodbye to your warm/cool home) and a nationwide absence of forestry management causes out-of-control fires that threaten homes and air quality.
    Imagine a country that dictates cultural norms, imposes a radical sexual education curriculum starting in kindergarten, where abstinence-only and religious doctrine education are prohibited, and parents may opt out on a limited basis only.
    Imagine a country where police officers are ostracized and defunding police departments is the norm, where there’s chaos on the streets, and the mob is celebrated. Imagine a country where a family’s home is no longer considered its castle. Imagine a country where the Second Amendment is in the crosshairs and decimating it is the result.
    Imagine a country where income taxes will go up regardless of your income. (Biden-Harris’ claim that under $400,000 wage earners won’t see increased taxes is false, as per multiple studies including Penn’s Wharton School. “Taxes would increase at every income level under [Biden’s] presidency, with the bottom quintile’s after-tax income decreasing 0.5 percent, and the second, middle, and fourth quintiles all seeing after-tax income drop 0.4 percent. Likewise, wages are projected to decrease.”)
    Imagine a country where the federal government re-imposes an Obama-Biden housing regulation that Trump ripped up, where Washington, DC bureaucrats dictate the zoning of suburbia, make decisions where to put high-density, low-income housing, re-draw school districts, make roads and transportation decisions, and do away with single-family zoning.
    Imagine a country where there is one-party rule, and the rule is by Marxists and socialists. Sounds like a nightmare, right? Just look West to see a beautiful state gone disaster under the grip of the Democrats, who have reigned for far too long. The United States will become California on steroids because Biden-Harris are radical. Don’t be fooled by the folksy Uncle Joe scheme. Biden selected the most radical member of the Senate to be his sidekick, and they surround themselves with fellow radicals like Bernie Sanders and AOC. Biden is the one who bragged, “I am the Democratic[sic] party.” Well, if the shoe fits, Joe …
    A Biden-Harris administration will make California seem tame. They will turn our exceptional country into California and pile on from there. Medicare for all, packing the Supreme Court, returning to the disastrous Iran deal and resuming payments to the world’s largest sponsor of terrorism, re-joining the Paris Climate Agreement, and abandoning our strong and close ally Israel are all on their to-do list.
    It’s too late for California but it’s not too late to preserve and protect our exceptional country. As Thomas Paine eloquently said, “these are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.”
    The time is now upon us to stand tall and serve our country by firmly rejecting Biden-Harris and leaving all the radicals behind. And for that, men and women who revere our republic and cherish liberty will love and thank you for future generations to come.
    – – –
    Julie Strauss Levin is an attorney and patriot who loves her country.
    Photo “Joe Biden and Kamala Harris” by Joe Biden.
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  2. Sadly Ten Man, there are cali outposts throughout the USA, they are known as Baltimore, Chicago, Hartford, Seattle, Portland and basically anywhere a D "leads" the in CT I know landlords who haven't seen a dime since bail out for the true capitalist...these are the times that try mens souls..
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  3. Ten Man

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    I am very concerned that we waited too long to start shooting the communist bastids in our OWN country. It is going to get VERY messy and bloody, IF/WHEN the shooting starts, because there are now so many of them! :mad::mad::mad:
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  4. Jim Bridger

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    There are 12 Million more Democrats than Republicans. There are 300 Million gun owners. And they are "PO" at the Left.:eek:
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  5. TXplt

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    Hopefully the ballot box works. Ammo box is next.

    I don't know that you will get a carbon copy of Kommiefornia; you'll get urban areas and 'everywhere else.' There will be a soviet style transition between burned out inner cities where the suburbs used to be; folks will figure a way around taxes but all those nice things that we used to have (like power grids that worked and air conditioning and decent places to eat and shop) will be intermittent in many places. We will devolve like Venezuela with local tribalized kinda zones of what's what where. Laws will be where you find them. Problem is that kind of thing pervades into everything.
  6. Ranger4

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    Fact Check:

    “Joe Biden openly admitted his plan to violate our Second Amendment rights,” the ad’s narrator says about the Democratic presidential nominee. The ad then shows CNN’s Anderson Cooper saying to Biden: “To gun owners out there who say, well, a Biden administration means they’re going to come for my guns.” After that, Biden is shown saying, “Bingo. You’re right.”

    As I have gotten older I have downsized my semi automatic so called assault type guns. I re-homed them. I only need one for use and one for parts, well maybe 2 for parts since parts will be banned also. So, everybody should own, 3. Sold some, gave some to heirs, hopefully they will all be gone when I am, to nice homes of younger people who certainly will need them in coming years.
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  7. Ranger4

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    Think of his key staff. Who for AG, maybe Stacey Abrams or Jerry Nadler or Adam Schiff==looks like Jeffrey Tobin is out. And who for Secretary of State, Chelsea Clinton, you know she will get a job. And who will be his chief of staff, Van Jones? And who will be his finance guys, that one will be fun. And who will be in charge of all that fracking and oil issues, AOC? And what about the EEOC, maybe one of the other four on the squad?

    And what about the head of the CIA and FBI, bring back some of those fired by Trump.
    Secretary of Agriculture who will give all the federal land to the states who can sell it off to fund needed programs in their state and who will also be in charge of all the new corn production needed when E 85 becomes mandatory for all trucks and suvs.

    And then there is the border patrol, who will be put in charge of closing down that organization and bulldozing down all of that fence.

    An what kind of uniforms will those new troop wear in the vaccination squads. And what kind of uniforms will those guys wear to come pick up any remaining guns left in private homes?

    And who will be in charge of battery production, when ever car and truck in the nation will be electric. There are no lead smelters in the US I do not thing, they are dangerous to the air, so we get it all processed in places like Mexico and China.

    And here is the big one, the Secretary of Energy is a big one, should it be Hunter Biden who has such vast energy experience? Or should he be put in charge of all the battery production from China, since he has such vast experience dealing with them?

    And what to do about the military? The appointment process is going to be a goat screw of a magnitude never before seen. Oh yea, and under the new covid rules can kids come out and play in 2024?

    And what about that committee, the one Biden said last week he would appoint to work out all the racial problem, who gonna be up with that?
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  8. chris l2018

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    "There are no lead smelters in the US I do not thing, they are dangerous to the air, so we get it all processed in places like Mexico and China."

    That is what we here, and much of the rest of the world, see as a typical US attitude.
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  9. Jim Bridger

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    Gun Owners have faced more strong Anti-Gun Dems than Biden.
    After the assassination of JFK the Dems were going to dissolve the 2nd Amendment. LBJ Texas {D} pushed thru the horrible 1968 Safe Streets act. Over the years Gun owning taxpayers have dismantled most of that. Our current problem is our NRA has it's head in the sand.:(
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  10. ChaZam

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    No Jim, there are estimated to be way over 300 million firearms in this country. But to assume that those 300 + million firearms are all in the hands of people who are on your side is a recipe for disaster. Just remember half of the people that you have came into contact with for many years elected obummer twice and tried to elect Shillary. Any time you are in a huge gun show it might pay to look and listen to those in attendance. A very high percentage of them hate America, and our constitution, and everything it stands for.
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  11. Jim Bridger

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    It all depends on where you hang your hat. Here in the Rocky Mtns anyone supporting the Democrats is just passing thru or hanging in a Cottonwood tree.:eek: :D:D
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  12. BigEd63

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    Well here in NW Arkansas we got a decent mix.
    Some people would call it a target rich environment.;):usa2:
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  13. Ranger4

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    True, when the closed that smelter the ammo industry was not worried because bullets are mostly made from recycled batteries. The smelter closed down due to air quality laws that were too costly to comply with EPA rules.

    But the gun industry missed part of that. If no lead ore is processed in the US to make batteries, it most use, then they must be made in Mexico or China, and then shipped thousands of miles. Do not know if anyone has picked up a truck battery lately but they are heavy. Must cost a lot to ship hundreds of thousands of them. That transportation cost then goes into the cost of the new batteries. So when you melt them down, the value has go up because of the way markets work.

    So, let's just get ready for AOC to help fashion out new safe the planet climate change rules. LOL
  14. BigEd63

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    We got lead and zinc ore here in Arkansas.
    When the time comes mines can be reopened in addition to prospecting for new deposits.
  15. TXplt

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    Eventually the peckerhead social constructionists get found out when the jig's up, things come tumbling down, there's a bloodbath where a mobocracy lynches some of them from tall trees, their bloodlust satisfied, folks come to their senses and realize they've been lied to for many years, and things begin to reopen and rebuild.

    With a promise to themselves they'll never do it again.

    Until next time.

    The nice thing is the lead, coal, oil, gas will still be there.
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  16. Ranger4

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    Yesterday, I filled by wife's car up with gas. I noticed the regular 87 was $165.9. Today, I thought I would top off my tank. The cheapest I saw was $1.99 for the 87 octane and most stations were at $2.19. Thanks to Biden I suppose. If he gets elected gas will go back to $4 or more. Think about it, production costs for traditional exportation and import put the market price of gas to about $4. Then fracking came along and produced cheap gas, so some places is was a low as $1.65 today. Take away fracking and those costs come back plus added inflation of course, so all else being equal, probably at lease $4.50 per gallon. If you commute that adds up, and you pay it every time you fill up forever.
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  17. mitchr

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    It'll cost us more than just the price of gasoline, if biden is elected! I saw an article where he voted 2 or 3 times to increase the amount of SS that is taxed. His plans for increased taxes on the "rich" will cost everyone!
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  18. Jim Bridger

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    Biden is an old Bureaucrat. He has spent 47 years leeching from working taxpayers.
    Joe Biden is so disconnected from the world economy he has no understanding. The dreams of a Beaurcratic are biased . Only they are capable directing a Nation?:rolleyes:
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  19. Ranger4

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    It does not take a great deal of talent to spend other people's money.
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  20. neophyte

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