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Imbel vs G1 vs L1A1 vs anything else

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I've seen parts kits for each in Tapco and FAC, and receivers in FAC by Imbel and various US manufacturers.

I hear that Imbel is better, and I would guess that the fit and function would be better between an Imbel receiver and parts kit than between a G1 parts kit and US made receiver. The US compliance parts (stock set and fire control parts) all come together anyway, so a US made receiver isn't necessary.

Or should I consider a different set of parts and receiver?

And how would this compare to a pre-assembled L1A1 from Centerfire (presumably Century... anyone else make them for under $500?)
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G3, What do you mean "Imbel is better"? Do you mean their receivers or rifle kits? The receivers are less expensive than the DSA, BUT the DSA counts as a US part. Currently I'm waiting for a DSA type 01 from the group buy. (not sure if any are left, nice price break). I have a G1 kit, waiting for some extra $$ for the other parts. Many of the Imbel kits are in better condition than the G1's, more use on those. As far as fit, hmm, there hasn't been any problems mentioned about that. It just goes for the look you want I guess.
Remember, the L1A1 should be an "inch" pattern, the Imbel's and G1's are metric. Also, check around for reliability issues with the Century.
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