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Imbel vs G1 vs L1A1 vs anything else

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I've seen parts kits for each in Tapco and FAC, and receivers in FAC by Imbel and various US manufacturers.

I hear that Imbel is better, and I would guess that the fit and function would be better between an Imbel receiver and parts kit than between a G1 parts kit and US made receiver. The US compliance parts (stock set and fire control parts) all come together anyway, so a US made receiver isn't necessary.

Or should I consider a different set of parts and receiver?

And how would this compare to a pre-assembled L1A1 from Centerfire (presumably Century... anyone else make them for under $500?)
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The newer CAI L1's seem to have some sort of inch type rec but metric mags seem to fit better? Someone above mentioned the 15 plus pound trigger - pretty standard FAL. A bit of cleaning on the sear notches with a stone helps but BE CAREFUL, FAL triggers can be touchy, easy to take off too much. A set of Wolff springs is not a bad thing but make sure to use a SET, not just one or two springs. FAL's will never have a match trigger feel but they can be cleaned up and the triggers that Century uses are pretty notchy. You can go the big bucks way and get a complete DSA trigger set for about 90 bones. The only other major operational problem I've seen with some Centurys is the 2 piece gas piston but some of the newer ones are comming with a one piece piston. Some simple adjusting and tuning makes the Century rifles really good shooters and the earlier ones did have an Imbel reciever. I'm not sure who's making their new recievers but I get the feeling it's Hesse.

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