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IMI Desert Eagles

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I've been wanting an IMI DE since the 80's. Lately I've been looking again. I found a MK i in .44 magnum today that I'm debating on. At least I think it's a MK i based on the slide release, but it has the hook shaped safety selector of a MK vii. I don't think the trigger is adjustable. Either way it predates the Kahr purchase of Magnum Research and is an actual made in Israel IMI.

It would be about $1070 out the door with 3 factory mags.

The same seller has one in .357 for the same price. About the same, just has the tear drop safety lever but a later serial number (prefix vs the .44 with no prefix). I will be buying one of them I am sure, it's a total flip of the coin on which cartridge to get.

Any opinions?
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What type of bullets are you shooting?
Jacketed Hollow points. I tried a few different brands on top of my home loads. 210 and 240 grain bullets. It keyholed them all.

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Well crap!

The only bullets to that it will normally not like are plates ones.

I used to have a 2 tone Mk VII and it ran like a champ with 240 grain JHP's and grouped well off hand at 50yds. As in fist sized groups

Sorry to hear one doing this.:(
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I used to own a two tone MK VII in .44mag.
It was a stainless or maybe matte chrome frame and matte finished black slide. I bought the belt cross & draw holster from Magnum Research and refitted two leather Bianchl Glock 20/21 magazine carriers to fit the 4 spare magazines I also ordered from M.R.,.
I can understand how it can draw a crowd at the range. That slide makes a very unique sound when cycling right after a supersonic crack & a boom!😁😈😁
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