Improving the Ruger 10-22

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    What mods can be made to a 10--22 to make it more: accurate? lethal (do more damage with a hit)? endure being shot for a longer time at one instance? Yes, practice, practice, practice and shooter training are probably at the top of the list. What about hardware mods?
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    The BEST "modification" you can do to a Ruger 10/22 to make it the most accurate, is to find the right ammo for it!

    Every 22 rifle likes a different 22 ammo. You just have to try a half dozen brands/types, to find the one that shoots best out of YOUR 10/22.
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    In addition to what Ten Man stated a properly done trigger job, drop in trigger parts or their own BX drop in trigger pack.
    Depending on the use a trigger job does not always need to be light. A smooth pull with a crisp break is nice no matter the pull weight.
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    TM and BigEd have it pretty much wrapped up for you!
  5. Volquartzen makes a lot of hot rod parts for the Ruger 10/22. I would suggest a bolt buffer to start with, it takes some of the shock (clank) out of the bolt when is cycles. I've also used their hammer, sear and action kit in mine.
    When my daughter was shooting 4H Rifle, I added a Fajen adjustable stock and a Green Mountain SS 24" Heavy barrel. It's more accurate, but not something you want to lug around the woods. Since she's grown and in college, I've gone back to my factory stock and stainless barrel, it's much better for lugging around the squirrel woods. These are all things you can do at home if you have some basic mechanical skills.

    Like Ten Man said, try different ammo to see which your rifle likes best.

    I don't know of anything that's going to make it hit harder, (unless you go to a 22 magnum rifle) but these are all things that will help tighten up your groups.
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    I find it amusing that folks will buy a $200 rifle, and then spend that much, or more on aftermarket parts, to improve it's accuracy by 5 - 10 per cent, if they are lucky. Your best money spent is still on finding the right ammo for it.

    I consider the Ruger 10/22 a robust plinker, at best. I like them, and have several of them, but I am not expecting accuracy any better than an AK47 out of them. They are handy for ridding the grounds of pesky little varmints.

    If I want serious accuracy from a 22 rifle, I pull out one of my bolt action 22 rifles. In fact the Ruger 77/22 is VERY accurate, and makes the Ruger 10/22 look "sloppy" by comparison.
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    I'd also recommend Ag. 60gr SSS(Super Sub Sonic) to test. A 60gr well placed chunk of lead is nothing to sneeze at in the Rimfire category. Beware though the powder smells like someone napalmed a pile of rotten fruit.
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    My Ruger 10-22 Rifle (not the carbine) is the Walmart Special from around 2000. Other than stripping that gawdaweful muddy Ruger "finish" and making the birch stock blonde, I simply did the Pentel spring trick and a burnishing job on the trigger. Much improved, lighter and crisper, and FREE. I cannot fathom those who put a $200 trigger on a $150 rifle. On the RFC forum, I saw people building their 10-22s into $1,500 "target rifles". I have several heavy barrel target rifles, none costing me more than $500, usually less. I bought well-used. Even many standard storebought bolt. 22LR rifles outshoot the 10-22.
    If you want a really tight shooter, start with a good solid bolt rifle.
    And yeah, good ammo! CCI Standard shoots better than I can, no need to waste money on "match" ammo, as I don't shoot competition.
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    Imho the 10/22 gets customized so much because it's one of the few Rimfire rifles that the owner can "plug and play" stuff almost like the AR design.

    But yeah some people go way too out there but it's their want and their coin .
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    the "supremely viable 10/22" lives again!
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    I have a Ruger 10/22, and it's a fun little gun. You can go through a brick of ammo really quick with it. I did drop a BX trigger into it, just because I like a good trigger. When I need accuracy, the 10/22 goes back in the case and the Savage MKII comes out. Nice little bolt gun with a Savage Accu-trigger (1 pound 6 ounces) and a 3-9 scope, just in case I need to shoot a chicken egg at 100 yards. Both guns do very well with CCI Mini-Mags.
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    Been there done that. Full profile keyholes at 25 yards.
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    In order to use the 60 grain SSS rounds you need the faster twist (1/9 I think) barrel, Green Mointain sold them. I tried one many years ago when the barrels were under a hundred dollars.
    Being a threaded barrel, I got a fake “silencer” off of eBay to protect the threads. At the time, suppressors were not legal here. Many at the range reminded me of this when I took it out. It does shoot quiet, very good at 50 yds, an still decent out to 100.
    I remember hearing something about the Israeli’s using a similar set-up (real suppressor) to take out rabble rousers during protests without others realizing shots were fired. Head shot and no exit wound.
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    I don't have my 10/22 anymore but I remember doing the trigger mods and the one that locks the bolt back after last round. Think I added peephole sights also. The Ruger 10/22 is probably the most modified rifle on the market and there are tons of mods out there. I put a different magazine release on mine also which helped also. I used the CCI ammo mostly. Still have a bunch actually. I do have a .22 Browning still. Very seldom shoot it though.
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    It’s weird to me. This guy will start a good pot stir and not show back up. Not again the rules or nuthin. Just seems odd to me.
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    Yup. Last year and Ten Man was first to reply. Ten Man has been gone for awhile. Maybe something happened to this guy or he was just trying to get some advice and not reply back? Never know Jerry.
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  19. P1020533e.JPG P1020543e.JPG A number of years ago I picked up a 10/22 factory "target" model that had a bushnell circle-X scope on it that was very sweet... Long story short, my wife at the time took a liking to it so it became her 10/22, and it was pretty accurate.

    Long story short I had my first 10/22 that was a pawn shop buy back in the early 80's that was a real beater so I decided to roll my own 10/22, ... about $300 or so later, with an ER Shaw barrel, Archangel stock, Circle-X scope and a couple of little extras like a bolt buffer and Auto bolt release and extended mag release and what was once relegated to the back of the closet has become my favorite 22 plinker, especially since Ruger came out with the BX-25 mags.

    As an aside the Archangel stock comes with an adjustable barrel dampener (not that I've played with it), and the Circle-X scopes are just fun Eye-Candy to look through. Also if you look it up you can modify the bolt hold open so it auto-releases without buying an aftermarket part if your handy with a dremel. Oh- and if you like the standard 10 round mags I wouldn't mess with an extended mag release as it make it a PITA to get them out but works great with the larger mags.

    The pics are both the target model that left with the last Ex and my DIY plinker.
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