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    Hey guys, I sure hope you don't mind my continuous question asking routine! I sure do thank you all for the past help!

    I am working up a deer hunting load for my 25-06 and narrowed down the bullets to the Nosler 117Gr Partition. Now, I have always used IMR-4831 in the past on Varmit type loads (75gr bullets) with great success. I of course started with IMR-4831 and had 8"+ groups at 100Yds. Now, before you say I am a poor shot, the same day, same rifle, same bench rest, shot a few 3/4" groups with the 75 gr sierra varmit rds as mentioned earlier. I went home and started loading other test loads with different powder, and finally got the 117Gr PTN to group at 3/4" using IMR 3031. This is fine for deer hunting, but I got to thiking it might be able to be better, maybe not.

    According to the info I have, IMR-3031 is burns much faster than 4831, which is one of the slowest IMR powders. Now I always thought that heavier bullets wanted slower burning powder. Can you guys shed some light on this. And if this is the case, would say IMR-4227 or IMR-4198 group even better. Would it be worth trying some of the other brands of powders. I don't want to stock ever powder made, but any ideas would be great.

    FWI my 25-06 is Remington 700

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    Before you give up on the 4831, try playing with the seating depth. those 75 grainers jump a lot farther to the rifling that 117grs do. Maybe your rifle likes a lot of jump to the rifling. That dosen't happen often but does happen, usually it's the other way around, closer shooting better, but not always.

    3031 is very fast for a 25-06. If the seating depth dosen't help try H-4350, H-4831SC, AA-3100, RL-19 or 22.

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    I think the two best powders for the 25-06 are IMR-4350 and IMR-4831. My gun liked 4350 better with 115-120 grain bullets.
    I don't think that your 8" groups are being caused by using one powder over the other.