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Inch V.s Metric Mags

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by w.gilbert, May 23, 2002.

  1. w.gilbert

    w.gilbert G&G Newbie

  2. Yes, but they will be loose and they may not function reliably. It depends on the receiver. Which one is yours?

  3. w.gilbert

    w.gilbert G&G Newbie

    century this a good type?every thing is tight.i havent fired it yet.i have a dsa top-cover mount with a acog-reflex sight.whats your opinion on this set-up?thanks!
  4. It's a good setup for the money. A lot off people badmouth Century, and I have to admit, some of their gunsmithing has earned them the nickname of "angry beavers", but they have done more to get the FAL into the hands of the common man than any other firm.

    They used to use Hesse receivers. Hesse receivers have a terrible reputation for being out of spec. But once you get them working, they last forever. I have a mutt carbine on a Hesse, and it's the gun I shoot the most. Nowadays, Century uses another vendor for their receivers. These are cast, like the Hesse, but they seem to be more consistently in spec. I talked to a guy who built on two of them and he said he will use them again. I might get one and try it out.

    Potential problems with Century guns:
    - bolt hold open sawed off (easy to fix, just replace the BHO)
    - barrel timing; I have seen overtimed and undertimed, but this is becoming rare these days
    - mismatched iron sights (easily fixed)
    - hammers out of spec; sometimes causes a failure to fire. Haven't seen this in a while, but if it happens to you, drop me a line & I'll help you fix it.
    - two-piece gas rod bends at the joint (easy replacement)

    I don't know much about acogs. I shot one once and wondered what the hoopla was about. Dot sight are OK, I guess, but peep sights and scopes handle 99.9% of all my shooting needs.

    Overall, sounds like a good setup. Let us know how it shoots.
  5. w.gilbert

    w.gilbert G&G Newbie

    going to shoot tomorrow,the bolt hold open is still functional,and the gun has a 1 piece guide rod.anyway,ill let ya know how it does.
  6. w.gilbert

    w.gilbert G&G Newbie

    its shoots great!but it does have a two piece gas rod.have to set it on number two.anyone got a one piece they would part with cheap?