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hope someone can help me find some info on a shotgun.
Through the passing of my granmother I inherited a 16g dbl barrelshotgun( that belonged to my grandfather who passed 16 years earlier) that I believe is a Simmons Royal. At least that is what is engraved on the side. But I can not find any information at all through web searches about this guns history or value(although it is priceless to me). If anyone would have some knowlege of this gun it would be greatly appreciated.

Through my 1337 Googling skills, I have found the following information: (quoted from this site.)

"# 86 - Simmons Royal Shotgun
"Michael E. Cook" - [email protected]

Maker Model Caliber Barrel Length Finish Serial Number
Simmons Royal Side by side 12 gauge Unknown Unknown Unknown

Don't have gun with me therefore don't have all data at this time. Know manufacturer?

Mike, Simmons was a "house brand" name used by some retailer (sorry I don't know exactly who) for several shotguns. The ones I have listed are Simmons model 411 and 411E. These were made by Savage under their own name as the Savage 540DL and 540BDE respectively, and also as the Fox BDE 20 ga. That's all I know. Hope it helps... John Spangler"

I don't know if that helps you any, but it's the only worthwhile thing I could find on Google.
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