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  1. i was looking on the BCM website and im thinking of getting a better trigger for my 20" because my DPMS trigger sucks more then my buddies dads bushmaster ( both my buddy and his dad were giving me crap about it the other day too ), i was looking at either the LMT 2 Stage Trigger ,Geissele Super Semi-Automatic 2 Stage Trigger, both are in my price range and i just wanted to know what one was better? and if anyone has any experience with either? info on them would be nice.

    now im off to the range to shoot some balloons :AR15firing:
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    Never used either, but from what I have read the Geissele SSA is one of the best. Holds up better than other "match" triggers, but not as good as Mil-Spec. Just asking, but why not have the stock trigger tuned a little.

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    I use an RRA 2-stage match trigger, I love it, especially after years with the GI triggers.
  4. If $230 or so doesn't bother you, the Chip McCormick Super Match trigger feels like an incredibly smooth and responsive military two stage.

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    I'll recommend the RRA 2 stage match trigger also. It has proved to be a very safe and perdictable trigger even for new shooters. I haven't put a trigger gauge on it, but I would guess it to be in the 4 lb. range. Easy installation and safety checks and affordable price.

    Here is a good price on it.
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    My RRA National Match trigger breaks at about 4 lb. It cost me $85 at a show. I have been told it isn't a true 2 stage, but a single stage with a long smooth take-up, but that's semantics. It is very different from the trigger on a bolt gun due to the large amount of motion prior to let off, but once you get accustomed to it, it's fine. The final break is clean with very little overtravel. Unless you plan to do a lot of benchrest work, it will most likely work very well for you, especially at the price.
  7. I am running JP Enterprises Single Stage Adjustable Triggers, Speed Hammers and Springs in both my Bushmaster 16" M4 ORC and my DPMS Panther Bull 20 AR-15's. I have zero experience with Two Stage Triggers so when I bought my AR's I decided I wanted a good single stage trigger that I could get crisp and with an Overtravel Adjustment.

    I have had my Bushmaster with the JP Enterprises Single Stage Adjustable Trigger, Speed Hammer and Springs for a little more than 3 years now without a single malfunction of any kind. I have been very pleased with the Single Stage Adjustable Triggers, Speed Hammers and Springs. Yes it took a bit to get them installed and set up right, but they come with very good instructions and even a DVD to watch.


  8. I like my Timiney 4# trigger. It breaks like glass and is smooth as silk it was worth the $200.00 investment.