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    I'm primarily a German/US collector, but have happened into a pair of really nice Inglis High Power pistols. The first one was a Mk 2* that I acquired from an old friend and I'm keeping it in his memory, even though it's outside my normal collecting range. Complete with Canadian holster, spare mag, rod.

    I also recently picked up a truly near mint Mk 1* with the tangent sight, Canadian proofs, Canadian holster, spare mag, rod. The serial number has the CH for Chinese contract in it. But it appears to be Canadian/British issue, not Chinese issue.

    My question is if the Canadians and/or Brits used the Mk 1* pistols, or just the Mk 2 pistols? I plan to keep both, but would be most interested in the tangent sight pistol if it was used by the Brits/Canadians.


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    Just to let you know, when I joined the Canadian Army (many years back) I fired an issue Mk 1* as the my issued sidearm. It was the first time I had run across a tangent site Browning. That was back in 1974. All the rest of the Brownings in my unit were the normal Mk 2*s and when is was with NATO we were issueing new war stock Inglis Brownings. The barrels were crisp and the had the Inglis decal on the front of the frame.

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    inglis hi power

    Well, I guess that I can justify keeping both the tangent sight pistol and the fixed sight one. Both are Canadian issue, I guess. Wonder why they kept the CH serial number?

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    Sniper - Clive Law in his epic book on the Inglis Hi Power gives an explanation; although the initial contract was to provide this weapon to the Chinese, the contract was canceled with lots of pistols awaiting transportation and many in the factory. It seems only about 4000 were delivered to India for the Chinese to arrange for pick up. It appears they may never have made it, so in fact it is likely that any deliveries made to China were well after the war. The Canadians and Brits used whatever came out of the factory. In the late 1940's, the Mark 1's (Chinese pattern) in Canadian hands, had the tangent sight removed, but the slot for the attachable butt stock remained.

    John W
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    Inglis first started to manufacture the "ch" pistol for the Chinese. For some unknowen reason the contract was cancelled before shipment. The Canadian goverment did not want the pistols for Canadian servicemen, so the pistol went through some small changes. The removall of the butt stock attachment was one mod and adding a fixed rear sight was the other. These Canadian issued pistols were then numbered with a number first followed by the letter "T". Some of the "ch" pistol were given to allied forces after WW2 in an effort to help re-arm those nations that were destroyed by the Nazi empire. Check your "ch" pistol for extra stampings to see if it ended up in an allied army. Most of these pistols wound up in Belgium, for the navy.
    I own 3 inglis pistol all are Canadian issue built in 1944 and 1 built in 1945.
    British Columbia, Canada