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One proof looks a little like an 1879 St. Etienne proof, if I squint, and the other looks like a Viennese 1891 proof if I squint. Is it possible to get a closer look at the proofs?

It is clearly a riff on the Smith Model 2, but pretty much every European nation, enclave, exclave, establishment and disestablishment, the more industrialized chunks of South and Central America (Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, and Mexico), and most of the gunmakers in America made copies too.

Copies were made from 1876 until World War 2 broke out.

I've never seen one like this, however. It has several unique features. Usually "unique" means Eibar or Belgium, but when it came to top breaks, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Argentina and various Germanic autonomous regions did some kooky things, too.

Without a closeup of the proofs, I don't really have a place to start.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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