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    todays feature presentation
    THE WOLFMAN 2010
    yes it's a remake.
    but it is fairly faithful to the original.the monster looks good.
    no crappy CGI which is the kiss of death for me in a movie.
    Antonio banderas is an american man that goes to england to visit his father.
    gets bitten by a werewolf.
    hilarity ensues.
    banderas is not a pretty boy in this movie and he isnt heroic.
    just a poor sap that turns into a monster.
    i was worried because many times when they have big name actors.
    the character can do no wrong and is really good looking.
    (thats why i hate tom cruise movies)
    anthony hopkins is in it as well
    but he doesnt steal the show.
    i believed what the people in the movie did.
    i didnt start screaming at the screen
    a lot of what happens is what i would do in that situation.
    i give her 3 outa 5 stars
    billy sez
    check it out.
    now i gotta get ready for work....
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