Installing a peep site

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by JimNEPA, Mar 21, 2002.

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    I bought a 48A Yugo Mauser last year as a shooter, not as an investment. With that in mind, I'd like to have a peep site installed. Any advice on this will be much appreciated. I was thinking of going with a Lyman.
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    Lyman or Williams will work great. This increases your sight radius which will help you shoot more accurately. These can be installed at home of you have some good machinest clamps and small levels along with a drill press and a 6/48 tap (#31 drill).

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    Installing a peep sight

    Like Toney,,, I'm partial to Lyman and use them exclusively and have them on
    my best shooters. The Lyman 48 w/target knobs is my love. The Lyman 57SMET is a fine sight. If you have not used Apeture Sights I would suggest
    that you pick one manifacture and model and use it exclusively.....but of course
    each to his own..... lots of luck and good shooting. Get good, shoot against some of those M1Grands and watch there jaws drop...

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    Where do you get these from? And would the fit on an M44? Are they easily adjustable for elevation?
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    mojo sights

    Also, has anyone tried Mojo sights? To the poster who mentioned the MN M44, I know they have a peep sight for them. I'd like one, myself. At around $30, and with do-it-yourself no-drill installation, it sounds pretty good. But I'd rather see testimony from someone other than the quotes they have on the Mojo sight itself.

    Thanks for the advice so far!!!!

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    I have read many posts about Mojo Peepsights, some love them some are indifferent to them. I myself am too cheap to buy them from Lymans or whoever. I fashioned a front and rear peep sight out of some parts at work. Looks good, works great, all it took was alot of monkeying around to get them sighted in. In addition, I have found that if your eyes ain't what they used to be go with front and rear peeps. A peep just on the rear won't do much for improving accuracy. With a front peep you will see a marked improvement in your groups. Last month, I had a group of three at 5/8's inches, at 100 yards with surplus ammo ( Yeah, it was the dreaded Ecuadorian ), with my 48A. Peep sights work just make them yourself. It sure is nice to see more people finding this forum, it sure took me awhile after the software change. Buttons