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The removable mags are alright if you don't mind a feeding failure every now and then. They do take a little work to fit a Yugo properly. Just a little fileing, not much. If you're only going to shoot it at the range it's not bad. load the mags, then before you lock one in slap it against your other hand so that the rounds seat against the back of the magazine. If you carry it much they're going to work back out of place and eventually you'll have a failure. If you want to try one of the removable mags out before you buy several look on there's always someone selling them on there for around $16. There's usually somebody selling stocks, bipods, etc... The bipod I was going to order mounted to the bayonet lug but I just couldn't give up my stabber. What if I run out of ammo and the target isn't dead yet? But by all means try out all the toys you can find. If you don't like something, take it off and go back to the basics, If you do like something, tell us about it!! I bought a Williams peep sight for mine, tried it out a couple days, decided I could improve on it, made one at work the next day that I like MUCH better. Turned around and sold the one I'd bought plus the 30 round mag to a guy at work a few days later. So far I'm not out any money and I got some good design ideas for my sight. There's usually some good deals on guns at gunbroker too, used and new, but you have to find a dealer to recieve it for you if you don't have an FFL so expect to pay a transfer fee. Anything over $20 is a rip off and anybody that charges a background check fee is a thief too. It doesn't cost anything to run one.
1 - 1 of 45 Posts
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