Interesting 91/30 find by chance...

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Iron_Colonel, May 21, 2008.

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    While we are posting about interesting finds, its not quite as good as the "Its a Tikka 91" post by Tex, but its interesting I think anyways.

    My brother and I both bought Mosin M91/30s last year at a gun show in Puyallup for like $90 something. There was just a big pile of them, and we went through them. At that time, I wasn't really into Mosins much, I didn't have the sickness yet. I had bought my matching M44 from my buddy who sold it to me for $70 he bought at Big5 prior to buying my 91/30. But anyways, I was asking my brother if his had a laminated stock, because I thought his did. Come to find out, I forgot I had pics of both guns on my compy, so I did the logical thing, I looked at them... I discovered mine has the laminated stock. Then I had to go out in the gun safe, and check it out for myself. Well sure enough, it didn't transform since I took the pic or since its been in the gun safe either.

    The only unfortunate part is none of the numbers match on my 91/30. They were supposed to be electro-penciled to match or whatever for import into the US if I'm not mistaken? Well the number on the receiver is the cyrillic "R" and "L" then 2492. Whoever it was that did the electro-penciling, mis-read and electro'd the wrong numbers on the rest of the parts. They put the "R" and "L" then 2498 on the bolt, buttplate, and magwell floor plate. The 2 wasn't stamped all the way, but is definitely a discernible 2.

    Then after looking on I was reading some stuff there, and read a bit about the toe splices in the stocks. This one has a laminated toe splice to go with the stock as well. So it seems to me that thats not all that uncommon, just interesting I guess. If only it could talk, its dated 1942, so I'm sure it would have a lot to say.

    And a pic of it:
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    That is pretty interesting! Yes, those old war sticks could probably tell some tales. I would love to hear them all. I am sure most would be of long cold nights mixed with absolute terror.

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    Def one of those you wish could talk !!
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    +1 and I just love that porn hehe:09: wife wanted to know why I keep looking at pictures of old rifles ??
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    Thanks, IC. She's a beaut! We'll have to introduce our mosins to each other sometime in the near'ish future. :burnout:
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