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  1. MRT NH 72

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    Those are some big pots. Good job on the jigsaw puzzle.
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  2. maddogg

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    That sounds like a Crock to me.

  3. animalspooker

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    Women testing the guns they assembled at the Inglis munitions plant in Ontario, Canada during World War II, 1944.
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  4. PaleHawkDown

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    It looks like a militant band of I Love Lucy impersonators.

  5. Jim Bridger

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    I am not a sailor. However while fishing off the Washington State coast we were caught in a very bad storm. It was a terrible experience in that storm. To add to my fear was a large whale. The Big Sardine was about 100 yds from or boat. Gees! a storm and a whale? All I could think of was the novel "Moby Dick",.:eek:
  6. Merle

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    makes me wonder what they were doing out there?
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  7. rando

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    Dang Grizz that is a Dinosaur
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  8. Jack Ryan

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    It was a moonshine still. I think the revenuers broke them up and those were mash jars.

    I also found whiskey size jug and mason jars. The burn bricks from setting up their still fire and a couple home made iron lantern hangers you could nail in the trees. About the only thing I didn't find was the whiskey and the copper worm.

    You can see here the size of the "dig" site by the time I was digging and sifting through the top foot of soil to find "the next little piece" to keep working up from the floor putting them together.

    There is a constant flow of water in the bottom of that little ditch to the right of the dog. Thats Marley my dig partner.

    This area was surrounded by a large orchard back at the turn of the century, the same time period those mash jars were made in Evansville.

    Crock dig shovel rake a 38.jpg
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  9. grizcty

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    Ruins of Sabratha, Libya.
    Imagine what this was like when new.

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  10. Huey Rider

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    Just think, that was all carved by CNC machines back then.
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  11. Merle

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    thanks for the update! :usa2:
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  12. Jack Ryan

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    You are more than welcome.

    Ya know how old guys get. They have one or two stories "in the can" and we just like telling them over and over. I have to hunt new people who haven't heard them already.
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  13. grizcty

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    Native Americans of the Blackfoot tribe in Glacier National Park, Montana, ca. 1913. Photo taken by Roland W. Reed.

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  14. grizcty

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    This family was mighty lucky.

    On January 21st, an enormous rock narrowly missed a 300 year old Italian farm house. It destroyed a barn, and stopped in a vineyard at the property in Ronchi di Termeno. A second boulder stopped just feet (about a meter) behind the traditional stone farmhouse in the rocky region of Alto-Adige.

    The family living there was unharmed in the incident.


    Full story with more pictures.
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  15. neophyte

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    grizcty: Sir; wow Weee
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  16. Ten Man

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    Crushing the grapes BEFORE they are ripe is BAD FORM!
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  17. Jaison

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    THAT is one giant, spicy meatball.
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  18. blue fox

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    Talk about being between a rock and a hard place. :rolleyes:
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  19. grizcty

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    Yup, I have.

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